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Comment Re:College used to be a place for the rich kids to (Score 1) 393

College used to be a place for the rich kids to go (back when it first got started) with the well round stuff and others did trades / apprenticeships (learning real skills)

Then WWII was over, the soldiers came home, and were restless. There were not enough jobs, because the economy was transitioning to peacetime employment. To fix the problem of an excess of unemployed ex-soldiers, the GI Bill was passed. College prices have been going up steadily ever since.

My one grandfather was already a Dentist, so he used his GI Bill funds to get his pilot's license. The other was already 30 when the war was over, and wasn't interested in going back to school.

Ref: The Screwing of the Average Man

Comment Re:can't wait to see it work on fox news web site (Score 2) 375

meanwhile, we have antivaxxers, moon landing deniers, GM food ignorance, creationists, climate change deniers, fluoride fearmongers, 9/11 conspiracy theorists babbling about burning airplane fuel and steel, etc... assorted douchebag crackpots who are absolutely, undeniably factually wrong, and oftentimes dangerous (to public health, for example), but enthusiastically keep spreading their lies nonetheless

stupid shitbags like this for example are working very, very hard to kill children:

Then you have official misinformation like this site, which is put together by the American Heart Attack Association:
  www. goredforwomen .org/

The American Heart Attack Association tells us that it is important to consume biodiesel instead of humanity's traditional fats (butter, tallow, lard, coconut oil). Official Science refers to nutritional biodiesel as the Omega-3 and Omega-6 "essential" fatty acids, but they always neglect to tell us how much "essential" fat is enough to meet our daily requirements for biodiesel.

Science has two faces: discovery, and product development. Wall Street doesn't care about facts, it just uses the trappings of science to sell defective products.

Comment Re:What it means (Score 1) 222

Scientists' efforts to understand nature were subverted by the industrialists' (JP Morgan et al) vision of an electric meter on every home. The pre-established Laws of Thermodynamics (which were figured out by examining steam engines in the 1840's) guided later scientists' efforts to understand electricity and magnetism.

Nikola Tesla grokked electromagnetism, but the robber barons couldn't allow us to use these insights. Heaviside and Lorentz eventually simplified James Clerk Maxwell's 20 equations and 20 unknowns down to the 4 equations still used today, but nature is not simple. Future scientists will eventually realize their predecessors' old assumptions are not entirely accurate.

Comment "Wall Street" uses 'bad science' to steal from us (Score 3, Insightful) 460

It's very challenging for non-scientists to tell the difference between good science, obsolete science that is used to sell defective products, and charlatan science - 'lipstick on a pig'.

If real scientists want respect, they need to call out Wall Street for all the ways it profits from the obesity epidemic.

Comment Re:the obesity smoking gun (Score 2) 138

It's simple math. Consume less than you burn.

This idea is simple, pervasive, and wrong. The body's metabolism responds dynamically to the amount of fuel available, and exhortations to "eat less" are not at all helpful to someone who is trying to lose weight.

Our bodies are machines.

Machines require proper fuel, and proper lubricants. Vegetable oil is NOT a proper fuel for warm-blooded bodies. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils suppress the metabolism, shunt carbohydrates to fat production, are not easily burned for energy, and distort the body's hunger signals.

Using vegetable oil in the human machine is like substituting a random grade of mineral oil for the transmission fluid the manufacturer designed your car to use. Your transmission might work for a while, but I wouldn't expect it to last for long.

Comment Re:the obesity smoking gun (Score 1) 138

You bring up a good point - I do not have a weight problem, maybe because I was clued into the seed oil swindle a dozen years ago. I will put up some pictures.

My mom used vegetable oil in her cooking when I was growing up, but she also used butter and sour cream. We were upper-middle class. Poor people use vegetable oil because it's cheap, and because they don't know any better. My website - about how we are being Swindled and Pimped - is an attempt to correct this state of mass-ignorance.

Comment the obesity smoking gun (Score 2) 138

Sixty-or-so years ago the Vegetable Oil industry told us that butter was giving us heart attacks, that we should avoid as much fat as possible, and that if we had to use fat in our cooking, polyunsaturated vegetable oil was far superior to the saturated fats.

Recently an article was published in one of those medical journals, waving the white flag of surrender in the war against butter, but it's going to take a generation or two before the product liability lawsuits against Big Food will get anywhere.

http://www.swindledandpimped.o... - The seed oil scam is the swindle...

Comment Tonopah Rob is a Real Farmer (Score 5, Informative) 217

Rob the Vegetable Farmer's vegetable farm is in Tonopah, Arizona, and is relatively close to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating station. He uses companion planting and a communion with his plants and animals to farm without chemical inputs. Specific flowers around the edge of a bed will attract the insects that might otherwise be drawn to eat the plants he plants for humans. Varieties of plants are intersperced with for mutal support and defense. Netting is used to keep birds out of the lettuce. Rob's approach is the implementation of Carrots Love Tomatoes (book about companion planting).

Real Farmers don't need chemicals. Mono-croppers can't do without them. Few people could share Rob's passion for gardening, but we can all learn from his blog.

(there is an obvious retort to this comment, and I wonder how it will manifest. ;)

Comment Re:Math, do it. (Score 1) 1043

While I basically agree with your points about "convenience" foods, I do take issue with this line:

It is absolutely false and untrue that healthy foods cost more.

Have you ever tried to find eggs from chickens whose diets are NOT contaminated with soybeans? For a while I tried going with cheap bulk cheese, but it gave me itchy skin. Quality food does cost more.

Comment Science has disproven the materialists' hypothesis (Score 1) 230

... but materialism is seductive to certain people, so the religion lives on.

I heard a saying just yesterday: 'it's easier to fool people, than to convince them that they've been fooled'. This was supposedly said by Mark Twain...

Rupert Sheldrake has a nice Tedx talk - good enough to get banned from Ted's youtube channel by the materialists who run Ted.

Comment Re:this article doesn't have enough posts yet... (Score 4, Interesting) 230

Ingo Swann has a nice little website about his involvement with the US Remote Viewing program. I saw the man speak in Las Vegas twice - 2004 and 2006 (I think I personally drove him into retirement - he is now deceased). The first time was just a Q&A, the second he had prepared some remarks. The program was started as a threat analysis - "the soviets are spending all this money on psychic spying, tee hee har har what a bunch of fucking idiots. BUT WHAT IF IT WORKS?" So they had to create a program to evaluate the possibility that information can be obtained bioinformatically - through the aether, so to speak.

Mr. Swann said that he did not do public remote viewing "demonstrations", and only ever worked with scientists.

It seems to me that performing the experiments and testing hypotheses is science, but dismissing an idea as nutty without performing an experiment is pseudoscience. It's belief without evidence that makes something pseudoscience, even if it's believing an idea is nutty.

Mr. Swann said that because the spooks hated the remote viewing program, they had to get positive results right from the start. It lasted for over 20 years, and was killed as soon as possible when the Soviet Union broke up.

Comment Tesla is still ahead of Materialist Science (Score 1) 176

Tesla assumed that power would be too cheap to meter and thus efficiency wouldn't be an issue, but that never really panned out

Tesla grokked physics, and said that one day our machinery would be harnessed to "the wheelwork of nature". We are still using Tesla version 0.8 alpha (AC Power distribution). It is better than Edison's vision of a DC generator in every neighborhood, but version 1.0 of Tesla's vision - energy from the aether - would be better still.

Tesla's vision hasn't "panned out", yet, because the energy industry is central to JP Morgan's vision for Electrodynamics. This called for a power a meter on every home.

Rupert Sheldrake's Ted talk - the Science Delusion - has some good points too...

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