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Comment: The phone is your hotspot (Score 2) 105

by (#48185227) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: LTE Hotspot As Sole Cellular Connection?

Both on Android and iOS, the phone can be your hotspot, sharing the Internet using BT or WiFi.
Why would you want an extra LTE box ? To carry more cr*p around ?

If you put in a data-only SIM, if that is your plan, you can do that.

Here in Denmark, plans with 5 hours talk + 8 GB monthly data is around $15/mo, $3 extra for LTE, which brings the speed up to 65/25 Mbit/s typical. Unlimited talk + 100GB/mo data is $43/mo, or $35 for data only SIM. So not really worth it to drop the voice and SMS texting part yet. Remember you will los SMS texting if you drop voice plans. Then it will be iMessage or whatever you use only.

Comment: Re:Start your own (Score 1) 472

by (#44109523) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy?

I agree with networking.

And if you send applications, just list accomplishments, not education. If you have to fill out education, just check university, and explain when you meet face to face. It is called initiative. Or get a cheap degree from a non-acredited university, doesn't matter if it is bible studies, knitting or something else. Then you have your checkmark and will continue to round 2.

But I agree that I see more and more programmers, developers (programmers who can think further than copy/paste) seems to be a dying breed.

Comment: It is the telecoms that needs to do something (Score 1) 282

by (#43933397) Attached to: It's Time To Start Taking Stolen Phones Seriously

3G and LTE networks already supports blacklisting IMEI numbers of stolen phones.
Has worked for decades in Western Europe.

In most nations with a high rate of criminals and stolen goods, the telecoms decide to ignore the international IMEI blacklist. So a phone stolen in Western Europe can only be used in Eastern Europe, USA and other 3rd world countries. If the telcos where to shut down stolen phones, they would lose half of their subscribers, the teclos really like the availability of low cost (read stolen) feature and smart phones. They profit at least as much as Apple.

Apple earns around 35% on the sale of an iPhone. The iPhone 5 = $649. Apple profits $227.
If AT&T sells the same phone, they probably buys it around $400, sells it for $199, and loses $200. If a stolen phone is sold to a customer, AT&T does not lose $200, but will get the future income from the phone. Dataplnas and all. It is the telecoms that makes the most profits. They should implement stolen IMEI blocking worldwide. Even in the US.

Comment: Re:just now? (Score 1) 398

by (#43922267) Attached to: Keyless Remote Entry For Cars May Have Been Cracked

I also noticed, that it does not seem to work from afar, so for certain not a keyfob hack.

My guess is they use an electromagnetic field in some way to unlock the car. Can they use induction to create the unlock doors signal on the CAN bus ? Or is it shielded enough ? There is holes in the door plate near the (plastic?) handle
Or physically move something in the lock ?

We don't know if they have larger batteries on their body. But certainly not a keyfob attack.

Comment: Not much news here (Score 1) 172

by (#43802183) Attached to: German IT Firm Seeks Autistic Workers

Specialisterne (The danish company who started all this, people with autism as testers) are part of this. They already sell testing services to lots of customers, and are present in many countries. It is all about using the abilities that people have.
Repetitive work is what developers tries to avoid, and what these people love. Perfect fit.
We are just seeing some new articles on this, now that the German revenge for having lost the war (SAP) will also be customers.

Comment: Re:Wake up (Score 1) 524

Not only that, if he is such a master as he claim to be, he would detect the bugs when things moves along, and there would not be the pile in the end.
IMHO most of the "bugs" are not really bugs, but changes. Customer don't like that button etc. Most often when the product does exactly what is specified, the customer is unhappy. That is what comes from pre-project specifications. Expect 50-100% extra time making things like the customer wants it, rather than what he told you he wanted.

Or change development method. Pragmatic programming / LEAN etc. Have the customer (or yourself if you think you can read the custumers mind) see the intermediate results / the developing prototype, and they can change things as they go along. Total price will probably be cheaper.

Comment: No - Switch main screen (Score 1) 312

by (#43066339) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Monitor Setup For Programmers

Use the big screen as the main screen. If you are a developer, you know how to do that (I have seen many pretenders, claiming tobe, and working as developers, who does not posess basic user skills of their preferred platform, I would even hire them to type in Word).

Then get a stand for the laptop, and use it as a secondary screen to documentation etc.

Comment: Lots of workaround (Score 1) 273

by (#43032423) Attached to: What a 'Six Strikes' Copyright Notice Looks Like

Install TOR (if not against AUP), and tell them that you do not download crap not worth paying for, but that you are an exit node for TOR. Thustraffic from your IP can be assumed to originate from other computers. Inform FBI about the same thing, such that a judge can never issue a warrant as there is no reasonable suspicion against you. And that if you want to download crap, your traffic will use TOR to originate from another IP.

Use a VPN or virtual server for you criminal activities. You can get $2-$5/mo virtual servers powerfull enough for VPN. You can get them in Europe, Canada, South Africa. You name it, you get it.

But again, the whole idea is to hit the stupid guy with below average IQ and below average income. They are the ones least likely to get a qualified defense.

Comment: Another nail in the coffin for GPL (Score 1) 394

by (#41988997) Attached to: Red Hat Developer Demands Competitor's Source Code

GPL is the license of choice for unemployed nerds, or thise who want to make sure the competition can never charge money for it.
BSD style licenses is really the only ones you can safely use if you got a job. No risk that you company has to give its product source code to the competition.

Comment: USA Land of Crime (Score 2, Interesting) 451

by (#41828457) Attached to: Supreme Court Hearing Case On Drug-Sniffing Dog "Fishing Expeditions"

In the rest of the world, justice comes before anything else. No matter how evidence is obtained, it is still evidence, and will be used in court.
In the US, if an unskilled policeman makes a small mistake, all evidence will be thrown down the sink, and the criminals who would be convicted on that evidence in every other country of the world, will walk free. I don't understand this protection of people where there is evidence that they are criminals.

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