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Comment Re:This is a solution looking for a problem. (Score 1) 223

There are more people killed while trying to take selfies every year than are killed by sharks.
So I think we need a license for all cameras and an extra license for using a selfie stick to protect people from death.

There are also young people taking nude photos of themself, and sending them to friends. I think we need to combat the ignorance by requiring every phone and camera user to get a license. And if you do not posses common sense, no phone or camera for you. It is for your own protection, and privacy of others.

Comment Re:License Plates and registrations ... (Score 1) 223

Who patrols the skies, warehouse buildings etc for license plates on drones ?
The difference between cars/planes and drones is, that cars drives where everybody can see their license plates. Planes needs it for radio communications, when landing at airfields. Drones are small, and a registration can't be read from a distance.

If I use my own airfield in middle of nowhere, using my own scratch-built plane, nobody checks the airplane registration. I am not sure if I ever saw airplane registration on paragliders where the pilot strapped a propeller on the back. And parachutes for sure does not have a visible registration (only small seruial number from manufacturer, and nobody knows who owns it).

I buy lots of stuff from China, and it is trivial to make a quadcopter. DIY wooden frame. 4x ESC+motor+prop = $80. Add GPS and Flight controller for $45. Battery for $10. And we are talking an autonomous drone for $135.

Comment Denmark (Score 3, Informative) 204

I have a plan with 12GB data over 4G (8-35 Mbit/s down 2-24Mbit/s up) (after which it is closed. $3 will double amount of data to 24GB).
12 hours outgoing calls (but unlimited to customers at the same telecom).
Unlimited texts (SMS+MMS) domestically.

And I pay DKK 79 = $9.65 + sales tax per month.

For internet access at home, I have 60/60 Mbit/s fiber. So I rarely use many GB,

Comment Almost there (Score 1) 121

What we have now in the marketplace is lots of routers with VLAN capable switches, which can all be running OpenWRT. For me it is not really important if the hardware is Open Source or not. I get a stable platform, and I can add USB and serial devices to it. And I can run whatever software on it that I want.
There are some complaints about the hardware accelerated switching whatever does not work well, but since since I am only on 60/60 mbps this is not big issue. I have a bigger problem with the built-in ssh performance not being fast enough.

Comment Re:Victory for common sense! (Score 1) 91

I have a non-protected SSID at home. Everybody can use my Internet connection. I have it set up for visitors, but it can be used from the street.
So getting my name is no better than getting the name of my provider/telco. We both allows 3rd parties to use our network, and are not responsible.for what our users are doing. The difference is, that the Telco knows who pays the bill. I do not know who uses my network. But in my household, I have 2 sons and a wife.

Who are they going to blame ? Should they search all our machines in the hope that it was not a 3rd party ?

They need to lure the pirates into installing software, or entering personnel data.

Comment Failure of Democracy (Score 1) 1307

Funny how Greece should be one of the first countries to show the failure of democracy.
So many people are dependent on the government for paying money out to them, or failing to tax them. So all those dependent on state money voted for keeping their income as it is, rather than going for a sensible solution.

Like I heard the young people in Greece say, nobody of the parent generation ever asked what they could do for Greece, they just bought more Porsche Cayenne cars for the money they received from the state, or cheated from the state.

Now they will be booted out of the Euro, to show an example (Italy and Spain had the downsize public sector, why not Greece ?). We will get Drachmer at an exchange rate of 1:1, and all bonds will be converted. Then devaluating the currency to 25% of original value to minimize debt. And at the same time, everybody in Greece will get the same number of money, but at a quarter puchasing power. So even worse than the EU / IMF suggestions. People get what they ask for.

Denmark was close to bankruptcy around 1980. Then we got a right wing government, who made lots of hard economic reforms (one called the potato diet, making loans more expensive, and resulted in cutting the trade deficit from 36 to 20 billions within one year), they stopped the insane 10% yearly salary increase, and cut it down to like 2-4% (which resulted in inflation getting lower than salary increase, thus increasing purchase power). Now all parties in parliament agrees (government and opposition), that the the yearly finance law must be in balance, or very close.

Comment Denmark (Score 1) 129

In Denmark, they traffic regulating orginization is disussing these issues with the comercial parties. I am still missing the resume of the latest meeting.
Anti-collision is discussed, ADS-B was suggested, but everybody was afraid it would flood the frequency. So maybe something ADS-B like ? And policies about what drone will give way to which. Most ideas hinted, that GPS would be used to determine and broadcast position.

This still needs to be something for which planes can get receivers as well, and possible broadcast a wider ranging signal so clear a path in front of it approaching an airport.

Comment Re:soo.... (Score 4, Informative) 327

I am 56 deg north, here in Denmark.
I have 50% SW and 50% east, as that is where I had the roof for it.
Using the EU models for calculating output, the eastern panels should give me just over 80% of full production.
SW should give me 96% or so og pure sourth, and will produce further into the evening. So it is possible to do adjustments with little loss.

There are lots of payment models. Here in Denmark, I have a fixed price for the first 10 years. and a slightly lower price 10-20 years, after which it will be market price. ROI is 8 years. But since my electricity usage import/export is summarized per year, I really do not care when I produce.

The new payment model here looks at import/export every hour for some users, and other users are hit pay selling low buying high for everything the hits the grid, and for them it is advantageous to turn panels further west.

My production here in the winter is low. My 6kWp installation is expected to make 1.86 kWh/day for december.while in july I made around 48 kWh/day.

Comment Re:wait for it (Score 1) 116

We are talking around $50 for APM 2.6 with GPS module.
eMax motors has dropped to $10
Simonk ESCs has dropped a bit, now you can get 15A for $10

So you can build a quadcopter that can carry the SJ4000 for around $150. Still need battery, radio (both ends) + camera.
And you might want a gimbal as well. Price quickly runs up.

I do not know how easy it is the take the X5C, rip out the FC and add APM 2.6+GPS, to keep system price around $100. And light time might be way lower than he wants.

Comment Re:At that price point, not much... (Score 2) 116

I started with Phantom 2 Vision+. And it was easy peasy to fly. That is why people should buy a GPS controlled drone as their first.
Maybe start with Microdrones at home (Cheerson CX-10 or Hubsan), but DJI Phantom / DJI Phantom 2 / Cheerson CX-20 / Walkera X350 Pro (not the non-pro) are all OK drones, and where I would recommend starting.

I now have a cheap indoor drone, the Walkera X350 Pro (returned 2 DJI P2V+ due to bad QC), and are building my own F550 clone with APM 2.6, better motors and simonk ESCs.

You can build yourself. It will costs around $50 (APM 2.6 + GPS) + 4x motors $45 + 4x ESCs for $45 + receiver $25 = $175
On top of that you will need a good transmitter, say FrSky Taranis for $250, for step down to the Walkera Devo 10 @ $150.

So we are talking $350+ if it is not going to be a play short time and throw away toy.

Nothing beats the out of box experience of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ @ $1299 incl. extra battery. And it is clearly within 10x the listed price range.

Comment The phone is your hotspot (Score 2) 107

Both on Android and iOS, the phone can be your hotspot, sharing the Internet using BT or WiFi.
Why would you want an extra LTE box ? To carry more cr*p around ?

If you put in a data-only SIM, if that is your plan, you can do that.

Here in Denmark, plans with 5 hours talk + 8 GB monthly data is around $15/mo, $3 extra for LTE, which brings the speed up to 65/25 Mbit/s typical. Unlimited talk + 100GB/mo data is $43/mo, or $35 for data only SIM. So not really worth it to drop the voice and SMS texting part yet. Remember you will los SMS texting if you drop voice plans. Then it will be iMessage or whatever you use only.

Comment Re:Start your own (Score 1) 472

I agree with networking.

And if you send applications, just list accomplishments, not education. If you have to fill out education, just check university, and explain when you meet face to face. It is called initiative. Or get a cheap degree from a non-acredited university, doesn't matter if it is bible studies, knitting or something else. Then you have your checkmark and will continue to round 2.

But I agree that I see more and more programmers, developers (programmers who can think further than copy/paste) seems to be a dying breed.

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.