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Comment: Re:A great win for FreeBSD (Score 1) 457

by tequila_j (#44090731) Attached to: PlayStation 4 Will Be Running Modified FreeBSD

Not really. It is much less expensive to allow the patches to be integrated into the parent project then it is to patch the project after every update.

Why would they care about "updates"? There is no gain running the lastest up dup BSD kernel like a geek would in its computer. It is just a videogame with an "almost" static hardware. No upgrades, irrelevant new features (at least compared to a BSD computer), security fixes (or rootkits) that can be backported at most.

Comment: Re:a local look (Score 1) 126

The main problem, as far as I see, it's not the federal government: are the states and municipal ones.

No, it is not, and the President's speech being booed at the opening of the world cup is a good example. The problem with the bus ticket price, by the other side, is a municipal and state problem ** I am not sure that left/center/right still exists. There are the ones that control (more), and the ones that want to control (more), and somehow they got scared together this time.

Comment: Re:What's New? (Score 1) 153

by tequila_j (#37577262) Attached to: Foxconn's Brazil Plan Stalled

Their workforce is indeed unskilled: a large portion of their population can read (that is, can pronounce the words), but is not able to understand what they are reading

. This is not true for every region of the country. Some regions have problems (mostly North), some not (mostly South). Foxconn is/was going to the last.

The infrastructure (power, water, television) is paid for by the rich, and literally stolen by the bandits and given away or sold for very little to large populations.


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