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Target Confirms Point-of-Sale Malware Was Used In Attack 250

Posted by samzenpus
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wiredmikey writes "According to Target Chairman and CEO Gregg Steinhafel, point-of-sale (POS) malware was used in the recent attack that compromised millions of credit and debit card account numbers of customers across the country. Steinfhafel told CNBC's Becky Quick in an interview that malware was used in attacks that compromised the company's point of sale registers. According to a report from Reuters, Target and Neiman Marcus may not be alone, as other popular U.S. retailers may have been breached during the busy the holiday shopping season. According sources who spoke to Reuters, attackers used RAM scraper, or Memory parser malware to steal sensitive data from Target and other retail victims. Visa issued alerts about attacks utilizing these types of malware in April 2013 and again in August 2013. Memory parser malware targets payment card data being processed 'in the clear' (unencrypted) in a system's random access memory (RAM). 'The malware is configured to hook into a payment application binary responsible for processing payment transactions and extracts the systems memory for full track data,' Visa explained in a security advisory."

Comment: Passwords are intened to keep people out (Score 1) 599

by teknosapien (#45347551) Attached to: Withhold Passwords From Your Employer, Go To Jail?

As was stated - The new employee was not that technically savvy,according to Childs - so what would cause more damage, giving the password to a person that probably has no clue as to what they are doing and with root access to all of your systems(remembering that these are 911 systems that at the time were working) - or vetting the person out and ensuring that they understood how the system worked.

As for a private company, My CIO asked for the admin password for our systems, once - I refused based on his qualifications - we passed our SOX security audit.

An important thing to remember that security audits also include social networking - so holding out for the mayor to release the passwords to him, in my estimation was the correct thing to do.

Comment: So like slashdotters to miss the point (Score 1) 204

by teknosapien (#43890141) Attached to: WY Teen Cut From Science Fair For Entering Too Many

I believe that the point is that this kid is so into science that he was penalized for actually using his mind and entering science fairs. A lot of them. Guess they think he should be on the street corner selling or doing drugs instead

I wonder if this is the same brilliant kid that gave the Ted talk a while ago on a break through of nuke tech

Comment: Didn't realize that solar power (Score 1) 559

by teknosapien (#43883463) Attached to: No, the Tesla Model S Doesn't Pollute More Than an SUV

I didn't realize that solar power contributed to pollution, guess we should turn off the sun?. If I remember correctly with Tesla S there is the ability to use the their charging stations which are 100% solar powered. of course if you're not near one then plugging in would be the next best thing. I'm also guessing that as Tesla motors grow there will be more of these stations scattered through out the US

now initially the price of the S seems steep, but if you take into consideration that you are no longer paying for Fuel/ oil and the never ending tune up of an older technology then the price doesn't seem that unreasonable
I'm wondering who financed this study/report

Comment: Re:Depends on how hot it is (Score 4, Interesting) 398

by teknosapien (#43789133) Attached to: I am fairly prepared for a storm outage of ...

Not sure about the generator statement. if you live in my neck of the woods - I have well water and septic system that I would prefer no to fill up
So my generator is sized accordingly 10 KW, runs on propane(Propane doesn't turn into varnish/go bad, worse case I steal a jug from my grill) I can get about a week on a fill running my whole house(granted it's only 1200 square feet)
I have a decent fiber connection to the house and the CO is only about 2000 feet away. -
As far as cost - I purchased a used Generator for $75.00 with a blown motor and replaced it with a newer energy efficient one for about $400.00. All said and done
Transfer switch , 100 feet of 1 inch conduit two weekends burying pipe and pulling wire. All said and done I'm I''m into it for just shy of $800.00. our last power 2 outages lasted more than 36 hours but I lived through them in comfort.

If you get beyond the idea of buying new this can be done on a budget. The other positive it raised the value of my home by about $7500.00
not a bad return on my investment

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