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Comment: CAD probably (Score 1) 1

by teisho (#32784358) Attached to: Helping Out With the Open Source House
If you're going to be exchanging ideas with people over the internet, it would be useful to have a shared set of 3d models to work from. For example, If someone wanted to suggest a particular plumbing arrangement, they could modify the model and show you exactly what they had in mind. If the CAD software is free and open-source, so much the better.

Comment: Retrofitting the lunar lander challenge (Score 1) 1

by teisho (#32784326) Attached to: NASA tests hardware/software on Armadillo Rocket
Isn't this exactly what the lunar lander challenge was doing? Why is only 7 weeks is considered fast to retrofit armadillo rocket's contest entry with a guidance system? To compare this with NASA's earlier R&D timescales, we would need to factor in the man-hours AR spent preparing for the contest, and even then you would probably be comparing apples to oranges.

+ - iPhone 4 vs fakes: the back streets of Hong Kong->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "You may have heard of fake iPhones coming out of Asia, but nothing brings it home like this photo tour of a backstreet phone market in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Amidst the pre-release genuine iPhone 4s (not officially on sale in Hong Kong yet), there are iPhone fakes and other weirdness, like dirt encrusted garage doors, and men sitting on crates with little hand drawn signs offering to unlock and jailbreak your iPhone on the spot. For those who find Apple's marketing off-putting, this is about as far away as you can get from the official Apple Store Experience."
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