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Comment: Re:Lucky us (Score 0, Flamebait) 290

by tehaxer (#17808598) Attached to: Verizon Rejected iPhone Deal
Rolf. We won't need it since we already have smartphones and pda phones that play wma/v, both DRMd and not DRMd, transferrable from your pc (or maybe mac, but who cares!) via an included cradle. Oh, transferrable to an sd card, of which you can carry many. And it's funny you should bring up DRM, since Apple's DRM is much nastier than MSFT's. Let's check it out!

MSFT's is open (encryption); they aren't trying to use it to corner the market on downloaded music.
MSFT's is open (playback); they aren't trying to use it to corner the market on portable music devices.
MSFT 2, Apple 0.
Oh... MSFT 3, Apple 0 because every iTunes customer I've ever met had no idea they couldn't move their music around. Way to go misleading your customers AGAIN, Apple. Remember when PPC was faster than x86? Holy cow, neither do I!!! But I'm sure Apple customers do.

If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.