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Comment Re: Doesn't need to be the end (Score 1) 138

No indeed. You are not good Christians. But to deny that European culture descends from Christian ideals is to deny reality. I see you proudly preserve your catherals, and Christian art. It suggests pride in your past. The muslims you take in have no pride in your past, at all. They want to replace you.

Very few would deny that Europe has a vast Christian cultural heritage. However, at one point you realize that there is no reason to believe other than "some people told you so". And then you stop.

Comment Re:Affects about 1 000 000 viewers in Norway too (Score 1) 164

The issue is even bigger here in Norway, where it affects almost 1 000 000 customers. Since our population is about 1/2 of that of Sweden, it means that almost 20% of Norwegian TV customers are currently missing all of DIscovery Networks channels, including several national ones.

One customer is one household, it affects approximately half of the households in Norway - not just 20%. That said, the networks wanting to increase their pricing with a couple of hundred million NOK for "mandatory" channels that mostly funded by advertising is rather unreasonable. If they want their channels to have subscriber income, charge it directly to those customers who want them.

Comment Re:Idea for anti-troll group (Score 3, Informative) 172

A group of companies should form a NATO-like pact, binding the companies to employ scorched-earth tactics whenever sued by a patent troll.

Carthage must be destroyed!

Your suggestion doesn't help much. Avoiding things like this is one of the reasons you put patents into an NPE - they don't have any other business or valuables you can come after. Put one patent in each sub-entity, and you avoid any chance of losing more than the patent - and if you lost, it wasn't that valuable anyway.

Comment Re:Levels are not sustainable (Score 1) 474

You could argue that today's system is just that - insurance, although a mandatory one. And when you pay more, you get more if you need it - e.g. I pay a lot of taxes, but if I get sick or an accident occurs, I get unemployed etc, I get back for in proportion to what I've paid. Insurance and health also seems to be a problematic match - the US pays a lot more in % of GDP than anyone else, despite many not being covered and getting rather poor results. The market seems to deviate too much from a perfect market that we get the benefits.

One very good argument for basic income, is that with various benefits and services being priced based on your income you'll have less incentive to earn more as the net income increase can be rather low (or in some cases, even negative).

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 474

Sure. And if you had a magic well to pour funding into the economy that would be nice, but for the most part being able to put money into the economy involves pulling the same money out of the economy through taxes. The net effect is really to encourage or discourage savings, which can temporarily affect the total flow of money. That is to say in good times you want to encourage people to save excess capital rather than spend it and in bad times you want to encourage spending rather than savings. Which is why the main control is interest rate, if you get high interest you save more and low interest you spend more. Not everybody of course, but the fraction of the population who are in a position to choose.

Redistribution via taxes also have other effects - the consumption patterns are different. If you tax the upper middle class and up and redistribute to the poor, the results are likely to be less consumption of luxury goods (often imported) and services (e.g., travels abroad) and more spending on local services and shops (which these days amount to Chinese imports, I guess.).

Comment Levels are not sustainable (Score 3, Interesting) 474

In Western Europe, there are many government handouts that will replace all or part of your income. Maternity leave, unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, sick leave, disability benefits etc. These are the lion's share of the payouts that the basic income will replace... social benefits to the poor are dwarfed by these.

These are typically tied to what you have been earning, either as a full compensation or partyly/capped. If all of these were to be replaced by basic income, the levels would be dramatically decreased - and losing your job, getting a child or being sick would imply severe consequences.

Comment Re:Pissing me off at the moment (Score 2) 462

With the latest version of Safari, Apple removed from the right mouse click* contextual menu the ability to create a new tab.

"Open link in new tab" is still there? Are you thinking of opening a blank new tab? In which case, not having that as a context option makes sense to me - it's not an operation on the link.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 674

E.g. in Norway, to change the constitution you'd need 2/3rds majority after the next election to pass a change you proposed before the election.

It sounds like you need supermajority of representatives not the majority of residents. Big difference.

True, it's a supermajority of representatives. That said, the difference isn't as big in Norway as it could be in e.g. the UK or other countries with "first past the post". In Norway, there are many elected from each area - in addition to some that are handed out in order to make sure that the number of electives matches the election result even closer. The main problem with the Norwegian voting system is that non-central areas have too many representatives, but along the party lines it's pretty close.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 674

A majority isn't sufficient; it takes a lot more than that. In fact, in the US and Europe, some rights likely couldn't be taken away even by constitutional amendment because the various supreme courts would block it.

If a large enough part of the population wants it for enough time, it would pass. They'd change laws, change constitutions and leave the treaties which prevent what they want - and also replace judges in due time.

E.g. in Norway, to change the constitution you'd need 2/3rds majority after the next election to pass a change you proposed before the election.

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