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Comment Re:Pissing me off at the moment (Score 2) 461

With the latest version of Safari, Apple removed from the right mouse click* contextual menu the ability to create a new tab.

"Open link in new tab" is still there? Are you thinking of opening a blank new tab? In which case, not having that as a context option makes sense to me - it's not an operation on the link.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 674

E.g. in Norway, to change the constitution you'd need 2/3rds majority after the next election to pass a change you proposed before the election.

It sounds like you need supermajority of representatives not the majority of residents. Big difference.

True, it's a supermajority of representatives. That said, the difference isn't as big in Norway as it could be in e.g. the UK or other countries with "first past the post". In Norway, there are many elected from each area - in addition to some that are handed out in order to make sure that the number of electives matches the election result even closer. The main problem with the Norwegian voting system is that non-central areas have too many representatives, but along the party lines it's pretty close.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 674

A majority isn't sufficient; it takes a lot more than that. In fact, in the US and Europe, some rights likely couldn't be taken away even by constitutional amendment because the various supreme courts would block it.

If a large enough part of the population wants it for enough time, it would pass. They'd change laws, change constitutions and leave the treaties which prevent what they want - and also replace judges in due time.

E.g. in Norway, to change the constitution you'd need 2/3rds majority after the next election to pass a change you proposed before the election.

Comment Re:Interesting Amazon response (Score 1) 233

What is interesting?

That actually sounds pretty dam good. A lot of companies, eg Apple, could learn a lot about customer service from Amazon.

Apple is usually a top rated company in customer support, Amazon isn't - so while they should learn, it's probably not from amazon.

It would be interesting to see what Amazon customer support would say here, because I have no doubt Amazon customer support isn't trying to actually solve the problem. Either this is automated, or they want a call to make him buy something else.

Comment Re:anti-competitive (Score 1) 233

You also need a valid case. The fact that your local Ford dealership doesn't sell Chevys isn't a basis for a lawsuit.

Indeed. However, if you were the dominant reseller of cars in the country of all brands, e.g. with a 60% market share - and then started selling your own brand cars and stopping sales of some of your competition, you'd be in trouble.

Amazon would be in big trouble if they were a dominant player in the market (and I'm sure lawyers would have a long fight to determine which market...). They aren't, thus no case. Just remember that Amazon sells their own stuff rather than better alternatives, so don't go to Amazon if you don't know exactly what you're getting. Never do market research there, they'd prefer to sell their own junk rather than superior alternatives.

Comment Re:Don't or Won't support Prime Video? (Score 1) 233

There really isn't an excuse for Chromecast, but not supporting or selling Apple TV makes perfect sense.

Only a complete Apple Fanboy could complain about a streaming service not supporting Apple TV as an ANTITRUST issue, since the main reason streaming services don't support Apple TV is that Apple wants to take 30% of their GROSS on every transaction if they do "support" it.

That's only if you buy the service through the apple store. Just use it for existing customers signed up elsewhere, or increase the prices if you sign up there. Problem solved. And they're already doing some variation of this on iPad/iPhone, as there is an app there.

Comment Re:Don't or Won't support Prime Video? (Score 1) 233

(I don't have one, I have a Roku, but I can't help but wonder if that's next. Yeah, Amazon has actually bothered to write an app for it, but given the ease they could have done so for at least one - perhaps both - of the devices here, I'm not believing that's the reason. If they drop Roku, bye-bye Prime membership.)

Of course they could. It's probably simple for the Chromecast, but for the AppleTV it's trivial . They've already got the app for iOS, so submitting it for TtvOS is not a lot of work - if they actually wanted to support it.

Comment Re:Don't or Won't support Prime Video? (Score 1) 233

I'd strongly suggest that there's a large iff of anti-trust about this move. Leveraging a strong market position in one sector to gain in another?

It's an anti-competetive mode, sure - but Amazon is not even close to being dominant for that to matter in this market segment. So just buy it somewhere else, and keep in mind that Amazon is no longer a store where they sell everything. Start to look elsewhere for most purchases.

Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 378

No one has managed to make it work reliably on Windows either. I don't think I've ever encountered a laptop on which Suspend wasn't either a game of Russian Roulette, or a guaranteed way to require a restart.

It works very well on Mac. It works OK on some Windows laptops as well, but many have some sort of problem - and I would guess this comes of poor vendor drivers on the laptop.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 247

Uber can break whatever laws it wants, and it must take the legal responsibility whatever that turns out to be as determined by a court.

This is true, and if they end up in a court of law and in front of a jury of 12 people, those 12 people can decide whatever they want, such as "not guilty".

That is the 4th pillar of our legal system. No matter what the government says, at the end of the day, we're judged by a jury of our peers, not the government.

So Uber should be judged by a jury of other taxi companies?

Comment Re:Apple copying others again (Score 1) 141

They have pretty much the same catalogue, 25 million plus in Tidal's case.

Pretty much, but not as extensive. Tidal does not have as large a catalog as Spotify.

But even Spotify has holes in its catalog. Songs by artist (some long dead) that are just not available. Fortunately, Spotify allows me to add my own tracks from my own collection and they integrate seamlessly into playlists.

That's one of the things Apple Music is probably going to be good at. It already has Apple Match, so not integrating with your own library would be stupid. That would fill out the holes, and hopefully it also allows Apple not to pay artists whose music you already own - thus leaving more for the artists providing music you haven't already paid for. The shouldn't be a need to pay twice.

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