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Comment: I'd believe it... (Score 1) 188

by tecker (#39691241) Attached to: Documentation As a Bug-Finding Tool
I have caught a number of problems documenting my code. When you describe what it is supposed to do and you realize that it really doesn't do that then you can correct as such. I would say I have found more incorrect behavior rather then show stopping bugs. However if we had shipped the product with the code the way it was we would have probably called it a bug so it is probably the same either way.

Comment: I'm guessing.... (Score 4, Insightful) 94

by tecker (#38778973) Attached to: Desura Linux Game Client Goes Open Source
Im guessing that they do want to support Linux as a platform but the maintenance of the thing is killing them. Linux gamers exist but for the small numbers they provide I but the upkeep of the client is killing them time wise. Open sourcing the client makes sense if this is the case, otherwise why bother?

Comment: Re:And once again I don't hear about it. (Score 1) 276

by tecker (#37679218) Attached to: Latest Humble Bundle Hits $1 Million
Really? I got at least 3 emails from them. The "New bundle going"!, the "Hey, Trauma just got added FOR FREE!!!1!", and the "DOOD! SpaceChem is now in there as well hurry up!" email. You sure you gave them the right email address? Try re-registering or a different email (mine worked via gmail).

Comment: Well its a start (Score 1) 154

by tecker (#37413254) Attached to: The Google+ API Is Released
Read only makes it easy to start with. Maybe now tweetdeck and others can get view capabilities. If I can see things on G+ I am likely to go over and post.

The trick with Write is the authentication. Now google has to figure out how to do an authentication scheme it likes (read "they developed to take over the web") for that to happen.

Comment: Re:$6 million? (Score 1) 140

by tecker (#36920072) Attached to: TN BlueCross Encrypts All Data After 57 Disks Stolen
Assuming 100% markup profit margin over baseline (common practice really) were looking at a baseline cost of $3 mil.

Now we need to factor in an encryption scheme that works across Windows, AIX, etc with enterprise support backing it up say $1.2 million to licence for all servers and locations (seem low but hey) and we have $1.8 million to spend.
Now we gotta pay people some prices to do that work so lets say $.5 million (500,000) so about $100 per man hour (bout right) and we have $1.3 to spend.
Now pay the electrical company for all that processing time (depending if they had THEM process it or they did it on their servers) at about $.5 million and we have $.8 million (800k) to explain.
Throw in some training for a few Ks to ensure the techs know how to handle the system lets say 100,000k for that (ouch! hey that is specializations ya know) 700K to go.
Maybe a little software rework (even if it wasnt really necessary) for another 100k and we have 600K to explain.
Opps forgot the "maintenance contract" which is often 10% of the sale price so 600k and lookie there, 6million blown pretty quick.

Thanks for shopping.

Comment: Breaks Jailbreak (Score 3, Insightful) 94

by tecker (#36909496) Attached to: Sniffer Hijacks SSL Traffic From Unpatched IPhones
Problem is that applying this update for something that is not likely exploited in the wild will hose your Unteathered Jailbreak. Reports on twitter are that redsn0w pointed at 4.3.4 (or 4.2.9) will work for getting a tethered Jailbreak. Many jailbreakers likely wont bother.

Wonder if someone will patch this like they did the PDF exploit and put it on Cydia.

Comment: Re:so? (Score 1) 639

by tecker (#36612490) Attached to: Yet Another "People Plug In Strange USB Sticks" Story
"known USB" means that the Serial Number is known to the central IT manager and approved for use. Not just "oh look this is a legit Cisco" or "nifty a MS flash drive" as know. The flash drive is brought in and signed off for use. Then the only flashdrive based attack is one where a flash drive is lost, infected and then returned.

Besides, bling drives are usually small anyway and suck. I would be very suspicious of a "bling" drive that was of any large size.

Comment: Re:Dupe isn't even a day old!! (Score 1) 151

by tecker (#36554488) Attached to: Australian ISPs To Start Filtering the Internet

Dupe isn't even a day old!!

Oh I am going to be modded into oblivion for this, and likely loose some karma, but it was actually ~27 hours (4:20 am for article1 on 6-23, 7:19am for article2 on 6-24).

However this trend is quickly becoming problematic and approaching same front page dupes and soon both in the 15 count RSS feed. Do the editors even read the site?

Comment: How will this help? (Score 1) 151

by tecker (#36554378) Attached to: Australian ISPs To Start Filtering the Internet
What I want to know is how filtering of these sites will help at all.


Here is what I am seeing. Austrailia blocks these sites and what happens:
  1. Technology is downloaded and used to get around this filtering (VPNs,alternate DNS,etc.)
  2. New sites pop up creating a game of whack-a-mole
  3. Lawsuits and public outcry killing the project
  4. Long shot but the viewing of these sites might go down

Now you will notice that nowhere on that list does the terms "kiddie porn sites go away" or "kids stop being exploited" appear. It will continue to happen at places around the world, I honestly think response will go 1-2-3-4 in Australia, and the intended purpose will never happen. Want a better option one that is even more sinister? Honeypot em. Dont filter. Trap em. Watch the sites you Blacklist, observe the people going, trace and trap the network and strike hard.

Block sites. Everthing ventured, nothing gained.

Comment: Coulda just use UT3 as a starting point but no... (Score 2) 462

by tecker (#36436296) Attached to: Ars Technica Review Slams Duke Nukem Forever
I always thought that DNF would be easily done as a Unreal Tournament 3 mod. Massive weapon set (10 or more depending on numeric reuse), maze like levels, good look and feel engine (ur3), jiblets and bits code ready. Thought it would have been easy. Guess they wen their own way and screwed it up.

I played the demo. The instant I had to juggle weapons I gave up on it. Duke deserves better. Try again Gearbox.

Comment: Re:Moral of the story (Score 1) 62

by tecker (#35746098) Attached to: Fired Gucci Employee Accused of Attacking Network
Um nothing? I play with them next to my HDs all the time and the backups still work fine. Of course this is my personal machine and I am not to paranoid about the backups getting hosed.

We also took some HD magnets (scrapped from an old HD we just wiped) and tried to zap a stack of remaining HDs to be wiped with them. No luck. We could still read the data off of it when we tested to see if the magnets worked so we had to DBAN each and every one of them.

Buckyballs next to the tape archives.... well that's a different story.

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