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Comment Re:Chrome Remote Desktop (Score 1) 408

I got the email this morning , and must use Log me in twice a month to support my parents who live some distance from me. A friend recommended Teamviewer after I got the email , so will be trying it tonight to see if it meets my requirements. Dont think I can go back to 1st line support style questions with my mother anymore!

Comment Re:Depends on the office noise level... (Score 1) 262

my office was the same, big server team, so everyone normally working on their own space and it was great right up to my employer decided to ban them as they are not the right image :( followed by an an@l clean desk policy , banned anything personal on desks at the same time, so gone are all the dilbert cartoons, bobble heads and other touches that made your desk your own....

Comment Re: Government vs terrorists (Score 3, Informative) 395

Many Prime Ministers have been members of the house or Lords, we just dont see it these days.The last one was Douglas-Home but he ended up giving up his peerage and stood for election to the commons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alec_Douglas-Home

Submission + - SPAM: Evaluation for learning disabilities for child is required before any special ed

pereztony351 writes: Evaluation for learning disabilities for child is required by inspiration before any special education and related services can be provided at Aspen. We help you to determine the child’s educational needs and we guide them in making any decision about appropriate educational programs for their child
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Submission + - Firefox 23 finally kills "blink" tag->

nk497 writes: The "blink" tag in HTML has at last been laid to rest, with Mozilla removing support for the much-maligned text style in the latest version of the Firefox browser. The blink tag was never officially supported in Internet Explorer or Chrome, but Firefox inherited it from Netscape Navigator. Opera previously supported it as well, though that ended when the Norwegian browser firm flipped from its own Presto engine to, ironically, Chrome's Blink engine. Google has admitted that the Blink engine was named partially after the flashy element, but has promised that its own browser "will never support the blink tag".
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Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

As a biker of over 22 years I used to think this would be a good idea. However after seeing the way London Taxi drivers are to all 2 wheelers not convinced. They have to do the "knowledge" on 2 wheels while they learn the way around all the taxi routes, but once in a black cab show total distain for all other vehicles on the road. Also the spotty Chavs/Neds once they have sold the scooter after turning 17 don't seem very aware of bikes and cycles once they are in a car.

Comment Re:Methinks people don't appreciate the scales her (Score 1) 299

That is Dyson's Project Orion , technically you could get something the mass of a Destroyer into space. However pesky things like treaties & fallout killed that dead. However "if" you could get a lot of nukes into space safely you could build something in orbit rather than a ground launch.

Comment Re:He REALLY pissed off governments.... (Score 1) 1065

no- they expelled the lbyians - they did not storm the embassy. did suround it for several days - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Yvonne_Fletcher#Siege The SAS stormed the Iranian embasy in London (Remember watching them going through the windows Live on TV!) ack in 1980 during a hostage crisis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Embassy_siege

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