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Comment Standardization first (Score 1) 111

Before any of this can really happen, manufacturers need to get together and develop a standard for each component:
* The touch-screen, lcd and backlight need standardized connectors.
* Speakers and microphones need an interface that supports sufficient current with minimal noise
* SOCs need a standardize pinout for common components so that sets of commonly un-included component groups can easily be set up off chip without a lot of circuitry while also functioning on chips with the kitchen sink.
--- GPU on one side
--- ram on another
--- power supply and peripheral I/O on another
--- radio comms on another
Or whatever, the important thing is that it can be the same, if you don't include a standard component, just leave off those "pins". There should be a standard interface that could be used for any components that are not on board (or even if the SOC can turn them on/off internally)

Comment "or any later version" (Score 1) 171

No business in their right mind would allow any such bull shit in any legal document that they were obligated to.
Version 4 may grant the FSF free license to:
* commercially redistribute and relicense the code as they see fit
* grant unlimited patent waivers for all code using it
* remove warranty disclaimers
* require the developers to pay each user a huge sum of money
* or whatever the hell the Fucking Stupid Fucks (or whatever FSF stands for) feel like

Its like getting a job description that has a phrase like "additional duties as required"
... clean those toilets Mr. engineer.

Comment Re: Not a huge change. (Score 2) 112

I honestly find the whole new color palate to be way too similar to the Windows8 start area crap. Companies will eventually figure out that we have diverse visual palates the way they did with taste in the 80s, unfortunately Google missed that opportunity on this go around.

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