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+ - Canadian Patriot Act introduced today->

Submitted by technicalandsocial
technicalandsocial writes: The three main patriot act style amendments snuck in at the bottom of the release:
* a new provision allowing the disclosure of personal information without consent for private sector investigations and fraud prevention will replace a regulatory process that has been burdensome for small and medium-size organizations.
* amendments would make it clear that organizations may collaborate with government institutions, such as law enforcement and security agencies that have requested personal information, in the absence of a warrant, subpoena, or order.
* new provisions would prohibit organizations from notifying an individual about the disclosure of their personal information to law enforcement and security agencies where the government institution to whom the information was disclosed objects.

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Comment: Still going forward (Score 1) 198

by technicalandsocial (#28813451) Attached to: Bars' Scanning of ID Violates BC Privacy Laws

A few other items of note:
- Even though the privacy commissioner ruled it against PIPA, the Victoria based bars have decided to go ahead with the program, showing they don't respect the privacy of their clients, or the privacy commissioner himself.
- They will not be scanning all patrons, only those they deem as a risk. Can't wait for the human rights commission complaints over that one.
- A list of bars I will now permanently boycott are listed at the bottom of this Times Colonist article:

Comment: Re:It is not supported (Score 1) 333

by technicalandsocial (#26368971) Attached to: OpenID Fan Club Is Shrinking

The people at Verisign are a little busy right now, having just discovered that MD5 could possibly have collisions, and that serial numbers for certificate signatures should maybe be pseudo random as opposed to sequential, and easily guessable sequential at that. Not to mention, their own SSL certificate has issues. Maybe once they understand the SSL process they'll get back to you about OpenID.

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