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Comment DC conversion efficiency (Score 3, Interesting) 466

The problem with Rob's assessment is that his efficiency numbers, expect for power transmission, are way off the mark. It is MUCH better than he purports! DC to AC conversion is roughly 90% or more efficient these days so you are not saving much by using DC at home rather than AC. It is simply not worth it to limit yourself so much by having only DC appliances.

Comment L.A. and Waze (Score 2) 86

If the data is as good as it is for accidents, it will be all but worthless... We use Waze in Los Angeles and it will frequently just show "accident" with no indication of exactly where it is, what side of the freeway, and what kind of accident... And more often than not, when you actually get in the area, the data is stale and the accident is long gone but still showing...

Comment Toyota is another EV hater! (Score 2) 462

Toyota despises electric cars and has publicly stated this on many occasions. They plan to sell exactly the number of RAV4EVs that they need to meet CARB requirements (about 2,600) and not one more than that! Toyota believes (foolishly) that the future is hydrogen... It is unfortunate because the Fiat E is actually an excellent electric car! Far better than the gas version, in fact!

Comment Toyota wanted the RAV4 EV to fail... (Score 1) 659

They used a previous generation vehicle as the mule, which was much less desirable, did not offer Quick Charge capability, screwed with the $7,500 federal tax refund on leases, and generally did everything they could to insure that they would not sell one more than the minimum 2,600 they needed to fill CARB requirements. It is no secret that Toyota hates EVs and will do anything they can to squash them!

Comment Insteon (Score 1) 336

I have to disagree. I have a huge Insteon system and find it to be totally reliable. Actually, the larger the system the more reliable it is as every unit acts as a repeater and thus, the more units you have the more robust the system is.

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