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Comment Re:uhhh... how much energy does it take? (Score 1) 244 244

It uses no energy once it's built as far as I can tell. It takes a series of materials that guides light (or electromagnetic radiation not in visible spectrum yet) and directs it into the center of the device which turns it into...well, currently heat. In a while when they get the visible light spectrum version working they will probably have the core be a solar panel so they can turn light into electricity.

Comment Re:whole impact ? (Score 1) 356 356

In addition, the US publicly joined WWII shortly after 2 years and a few months after the war initially started. In addition, before publicly being involved, the US kept helping out the British by lending them Military Equipment, and trading destroyers for use of military bases.

Comment Re:umm.... (Score 2, Funny) 229 229

Oh man...how many times I ended up in trouble because the switch was accidentally set to evil. Frankly though, it's the chaotic/lawful switch you really have to watch out for. I once had a robot set to chaotic/evil and when I came home the all the windows were broken since it couldn't reach the doorknob, and all the furniture was on fire.

Comment Re:Can't blame Facebook (Score 1) 421 421

I believe the hate groups themselves are perfectly legal. It's the things said in them such as offers to pay people who have video of punching Jack Thompson that he is suing that facebook hasn't taken down yet. And I would say no, the phone company is not responsible. Jack Thompson would apparently say yes.

Comment Re:Can't blame Facebook (Score 5, Insightful) 421 421

I agree completely with you that Facebook didn't make people hate him...his own actions did. Unfortunately Jack Thompson might (for once) have something on his side since he's complaining that Facebook didn't remove the hate groups against him (like the now removed "i'll pay someone $50 for a video of you punching Jack Thompson in the face" post) but removed a poll of "Should Obama be shot." I don't think it's unreasonable he found a lawyer to help him on this one.

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