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Comment: Re:Poor experience for those that do have kinect (Score 1) 174

I wouldn't imagine it's anything to do with the game being compiled, but I would suspect it's due to the processing power to constantly monitor and detect commands through the camera. That monitoring may be computed via OpenCL/DirectCompute which would leverage the GPU's compute power to perform that task. Simply unplugging the Kinect would likely stop that monitoring, freeing up the GPU for other tasks.

Similarly, I find that using the compute power of my video cards to run Folding@Home renders my computer nearly useless.

Comment: Re:Yo Dawg (Score 1) 89

by tech.kyle (#47174445) Attached to: Star Within a Star: Thorne-Zytkow Object Discovered
Seeing the headline in my RSS feed, I checked the article's comments expecting the appropriate meme (or even just an obvious response). I find there is satisfaction, like you mentioned, in seeing not only that the reference has been made, but how well the execution of the reference was done and if any originality was put in to it. In this case, I was hoping for something along the lines " you can fusion while you fusion."

Ideally for me, a reference will be made as merely a humorous hook to a serious discussion. Even the expectation of a meme-based reply often hooks me in to reading an article I normally would skip over.

Comment: Explanation from TFA (Score 5, Informative) 120

by tech.kyle (#46288291) Attached to: New 'pCell' Technology Could Bring Next Generation Speeds To 4G Networks
Should have been included in summary, imo.

That’s where things get interesting. Say, for example, you play a YouTube video. The pCell data center would request the video from Google’s servers, and then stream it to your phone through those 10 antennas. But here’s the key innovation: No one antenna would send the complete stream or even part of the stream. Instead, the data center would use the positions of the antennas and the channel characteristics of the system, such as multipath and fading, to calculate 10 unique waveforms, each transmitted by a different antenna. Although illegible when they leave the antennas, these waveforms would add up to the desired signal at your phone, exploiting interference rather than trying to avoid it.

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