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Comment: Re:Like War (Score 1) 483

by tebixan (#39426807) Attached to: All Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior, Say Two US Congressmen
The Tea Party and American libertarianism in general has taken on the role of the anti-establishment conservative party. I think a lot of self described American libertarians are really just looking for a conservative alternative to the two main political parties. The problem is, they haven't changed their views to match the libertarians. They're still republicans, but they just don't like the republican branding anymore. By joining the libertarians they're making it a mainstream party but at the same time pulling it to the right on social issues. Come November when all of the libertarians vote republican, it will not be because real libertarians care about economic liberty more than civil liberty. It will be because all of these libertarians voting republican are really just republicans voting republican.

Comment: Re:Wouldn't it be cool if... (Score 1) 692

by tebixan (#37121314) Attached to: Paypal Founder Helping Build Artificial Island Nations
Egotism is a CEO who thinks they deserve to make 400 times the salary of anyone else at their company, and believes they don't owe anything to the society that made their incredible wealth possible. You act like Gates and Thiel made their money completely on their own. They live in a society which provided thousands of highly skilled employees and millions of customers. I'm not saying that a person who works hard and has great ideas shoudn't be rewarded, but it takes more than a handful of ultra-rich people to make civilization work.

Comment: Re:Job-killing Tax Hikes (Score -1, Offtopic) 548

by tebixan (#36793822) Attached to: Facebook Bans Google+ Ads
Why doesn't the left bring up this point? The whole argument on the right is that the millionaires and billionaires are 'job creators' and taxing them will slow recovery. Well, the real job creator is demand for goods and services. Billionaires don't create jobs for no reason, they do it to fulfill a need. If the lower classes and the government aren't spending any money because the rich have it all, then there is no demand for the goods and services that the rich offer. That's the sitution we're in now. Taxes are at near historic lows and the wealthiest 5% of the country are hoarding 50% of the nations wealth.

Comment: Re:Games not technology (Score 1) 223

by tebixan (#36624732) Attached to: Nintendo Trying To Win Back Core Gamers With Wii U
It's funny when you go to a discount warehouse like Costo or Sam's Club, and see their video game selection. Everything sold in those stores is selected based on price, so whoever is in charge of buying video games must just pick the cheapest 50 or so games on the market to stock their shelves. Every single PC game is either based on My Little Pony or a point and click mystery type game. All of the console games are bargin bin mini-game compliations. I'm sure they sell plenty of that stuff to grandparents who don't know any better too.

Comment: Re:Denialists are the only ones (Score 2) 473

by tebixan (#36477300) Attached to: No, We're Not Headed For a New Ice Age
People aren't going to stop using fossil fuels until it's no longer financially viable to extract it from the Earth. At the rate we're going, that shouldn't take too long. Probably some time in the next century, coal and oil based power is going to become so expensive due to the rarity of the resource that we're going to shift to some combination of nuclear and renewable resources.

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