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Comment: Re:Consoles (Score 1) 536 536

That very much depends on where you live. Over here in Europe all you need is PlayTV ( to record live TV and do all the usual stuff you'd expect from a DVR. True, it doesn't let you run your own applications, but then again I'm struggling to come up with anything I'd want to run on a media centre other than - well - media players.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 2, Informative) 153 153

I use one of these at home and while it's not the best pick for moving large amounts of data between machines, it's a good solution for sharing an internet connection without having to run wires all the way around the flat. I tried WiFi, but it's an old victorian house in central London and something seems to cause massive interference. Not persistently, but every odd minute I'd lose the connection to the router. The bottom line being: I don't think anyone is trying to argue that these things are going to replace wires or WiFi for the common case. There are situations - like mine - though where they're a very convenient solution.

Comment: Re:On-site tech support is key. (Score 1) 416 416

Working 2 minutes from Apples Regent Street (London) store and having had a few problems with my MacBook I can say that Apple is no better than any of the other retailers if not worse.
You'll need to get yourself an appointment first. No problem if you paid the extra 200 pounds for pro care; you can book up to 14 days in advance. If you're sane however, you can only make bookings for the same day on their website. I stayed awake til midnight a couple of times before I got fed up and realized that there's absolutely no point in trying.
I thought the idea was at some point: Walk into the store, make an appointment, come back later; but that's definitely not the case.

I used to have a dreadful Dell notebook, and while the thing itself was rubbish, the service was a lot better than what I experienced with Apple.

+ - Wal-Mart scams Millions with gift cards.-> 1 1

Nathan Wiering writes: "Wal-Mart Scams millions. By: Nathan Wiering. Every year after Christmas thousands of shoppers return to the store to return items but this is not the only reason people return to the stores. There are also many people that go to the stores to purchase something with the gift card they received for Christmas. Today Wal-Mart's Gift card system went down in the early morning hours. I called around trying to get the exact time, but I was told they didn't know exactly when the system had gone down only that it had been down all day nation-wide. Customers that came shopping at Wal-Mart with their gift cards weren't able to use the cards. Instead they had to either use another payment method or leave without the items that had just spent valuable time gathering. A majority of the people simply paid by another method, because they didn't want to spend all the time shopping a second time, figuring they would use the gift card for some other products. When I called around I also asked when the system was expected to be back up. I was told they didn't know when the system would be back up. On the Wal-Mart website there was no mention of the outage which seems strange because the system went down nation-wide. Is this just bad timing for all the people shopping with their gift cards on the day when the most gift cards are used, or is it a well planned scam made to earn Wal-Mart millions. I can't say for certain, but the facts point to a well planned scam. Whether a scam or not, this could possibly double Wal-Mart's after Christmas gift-card sales."
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