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Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 604

I have been saying this for years... literally Oldest I can find, unfortunately my comment history only goes back to 2007 (though I have been a member for much longer), but I digress.

I still say, allow fighting in schools again, allow kids to ball up their fists and duke it out.

I am tired of all the folks who say "Violence isn't the answer, violence solves nothing, booo hooo hooo hooo, whaaa whaaa, etc..." Humans by nature are a violent, conquering, species. We very much have a pack mentality, with that pack mentality comes the need to sort out who the leaders are. Historically, this happens around the age of jr. high school (ages 11-14 or so), this is one of the reasons that most school systems are broken into elementary, Jr High, and High schools. It separates out kids at the times they are most violent (and sexually curious, but that is for a different post), it protects the 10 and under crowd from those who are just starting to determine their pecking order, and protects the 11-14 crowd from the pubescent adults.

Kids need to fight, fighting makes us stronger, both mentally and physically.

Comment: Re:No. (Score 2) 226

by tc3driver (#46685307) Attached to: Should Microsoft Give Kids Programmable Versions of Office?
Kids have no interest.

Kids want to grow up to be a movie star, or a pop star, or a $sports star. That is what the culture in America idolizes, those who don't fall into this modicum are rejected as "geeks", "nerds", "freaks" , etc.

All you really have to do to get a good idea of this is to watch American television. Even our news consists mostly of the lives of those who are considered celebrities. Hell this morning there was a report that one of our state level representatives is getting married, nothing about policy, nothing about what she does, her stance on things, just that she is getting married to some lawyer. This is what we consider to be news..... It is only going to get worse, we praise the dumb, lift the idiotic, and work those with intelligence to death.

Comment: Re:My electric is hydro/nuclear (Score 1) 330

So where is the CO2 coming from? And the coal plants are still running whether I use an electric car or not, so the net total is still higher with gasoline.

Mostly Livestock, animals, and even humans. In the form of breathing. That is where most of the CO2 in the atmosphere is coming from.

Comment: Re:Fine Line (Score 3, Insightful) 182

by tc3driver (#46546397) Attached to: Level 3 Wants To Make Peering a Net Neutrality Issue
"The Market" is thrown out the window when one has only two or three choices for an internet connection.

I have the choice of high speed cable via Time Warner, DSL via ATT, or satellite via Houges net. Lets see here, fast, slow, and slower! There is no real choice for the market to make, as the city makes the choice based on what cable, and phone provider gives them the right bid to lay the lines.

On the peering issue, network owners have a right to charge for a peering connection. However, it would be in the best interest of the companies in question to provide the best service to the customers... if there was any competition.

Comment: Re:Why so many trucks? Why not railroads (Score 1) 242

by tc3driver (#46398201) Attached to: Walmart Unveils Turbine-Powered WAVE Concept Truck
The reason is... have you ever tried to ship via train? When you ship via train, you have a "delivery window" think of it like the cable guy who will be at your house some time between 8 am and 5 pm. With trains that window is usually 7 days long, depending on when the crews get to the car your stuff is in. Trucks are so popular because, generally speaking, one knows how long it is going to take to get from hub A in Boston to hub B in Las Vegas.

Comment: Re:Free market means exactly that ! (Score 1) 405

by tc3driver (#46047941) Attached to: Network Solutions Opts Customer Into $1,850 Security Service

Free market, bitches! Suck it you socialist faggots!

Free market means exactly that - if the vendors do something despicable the customers stop doing business with them and choose other vendors who won't do similarly despicable things to them.

The only problem is that people continue to support the companies that do despicable things, in theory, because it seems most don't care as long as it doesn't interrupt their fast food and reality tv.

Comment: Re:Not only in the US... (Score 0) 168

by tc3driver (#46037429) Attached to: Canadian Health Scientists Resort To Sneaker Net After Funding Slashed

Educated masses are not useful to Conservative political parties.

Fixed that for you.

Wow the stupid flows strongly with this one.

Uneducated masses are more akin to treating political parties as a religion instead of being able to see that things have more than one side. Political parties serve no other purpose that to divide a nation. Pit one against another, thus shading the truth and misdirecting on things that should be the primary focus.

So continue your silly blame the opposite party for all that is wrong with the world, or open your eyes and see that both sides are controlled by the same puppeteer.

Comment: Re:what? (Score 1) 513

by tc3driver (#45684453) Attached to: Senators Propose Bill Prohibiting Phone Calls On Planes

We should ban talking altogether. Terrorists have been known to use speech in training as well as in the execution of terrorist attacks. Child pornographers and drug cartels are also frequent users of speech.

We should ban breathing as well... terrorists, child pornographers, drug cartels, users, criminals, illegals, and bad guys all breath.

Comment: It has been known for years (Score 1) 923

by tc3driver (#44448495) Attached to: Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks: Get a Visit From the Feds
It has been known for years that the NSA has a handle on all internet traffic, as well as cellular activities. They store it compile it, and if enough of it raises a red flag, some men in suits come to pay you a visit. Home of the free (to be spyed upon), Land of the brave (only once we have enough information on you).

Comment: Re:Tough (Score 1) 870

by tc3driver (#33568566) Attached to: Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?

3. Tough about the English requirement. You are in the USA, and our language is English. And in a physics class, there shouldn't be that much to look up anyways. If you must have a dictionary, you can buy really cheap paperback ones. You think I get access to a dictionary when I take a test, or any book for that matter? NO!

Last time I checked, America had no official language, not that I disagree totally with what you say.

No test should ever need a calculator if setup properly. It should only require basic math skills. If it must require knowledge of square roots and such, make a table available or make it so that the final calculations are ridiculously easy (like square root of 9). You are testing physics concepts, not math. And if you can't handle basic math and basic English, how did they ever get into college in the first place?

This isn't a horrible idea

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