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+ - Spinning the BRM->

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tbray writes: "I spent the last week in the ISO OOXML Ballot Resolution meeting. Jason Matusow, who wasn't there, says it was "An Unqualified Success". Andy Updegrove, who also wasn't thre, writing up says "OOXML fails". I reported from inside the room, and so did a Malaysian attendee. Draw your own conclusions."
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Tim Bray Says RELAX 180

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twofish writes to tell us that Sun's Tim Bray (co-editor of XML and the XML namespace specifications) has posted a blog entry suggesting RELAX NG be used instead of the W3C XML Schema. From the blog: "W3C XML Schemas (XSD) suck. They are hard to read, hard to write, hard to understand, have interoperability problems, and are unable to describe lots of things you want to do all the time in XML. Schemas based on Relax NG, also known as ISO Standard 19757, are easy to write, easy to read, are backed by a rigorous formalism for interoperability, and can describe immensely more different XML constructs."
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Journal: Journal?

Journal by tbray

Gosh, I have a /. journal? This Must Be Important. Stand by for serious and Extremely Big thoughts (but be warned that I only have these three times per decade) but time is nothing really, isn't it? If I had any big thoughts they'd be
here but mostly I don't.

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