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Comment: Re:NO NO NO (Score 2, Informative) 687

Problem isn't renewable energy, problem is the horribly bad EEG law Rot/Grün was drafting: Industries got excluded from paying renewable energy compensation, still a fixed price must be paid for renewable energy. So everytime the energy price drops at the European Energy Exchange in Leipzig the consumer's energy price rises. Yet another example how socialism fails. See (German) for a good explanation of that fatal mechanism.

Comment: Re:I just got back from a job fair today (Score 5, Insightful) 948

by tbf (#38679428) Attached to: Do Companies Punish Workers Who Take Vacations?

> Until the economy improves and there are more jobs than applicants this will continue

Ever considered U.S. economy is in deep shit because of its workers being overworked, exhausted, because they learned to keep low profile.
ever considered insufficient loyalty from employers results in insufficient loyalty from employees?

Comment: Old media recommends the Exploider (Score 1) 264

by tbf (#38352690) Attached to: Internet Explorer Users Have Low Risk Intelligence

...or they are just causal users, following advice given in consumer protection TV shows: Just yesterday I zapped into Planetopia yesterday (show in Germany), where they "compared" browsers and came to the conclusion Chrome for speed, Firefox for customization, Explorer for security. Sponsored report, or just a clueless reporter?

Comment: Re:A counter perspective on Unity (Score 1) 798

by tbf (#37904696) Attached to: Are Power Users Too Cool For Ubuntu Unity?

could not agree more. unity cleans up the screen, removes the clutter BUTWITHOUT sacrifying features or usability. it just works.

well, one little disagrement about unity 2D vs. 3D - although I hate compiz with passion, the 3D version seems to be more snappy on my notebook. guess it depends on the drivers what incarnation of unity works better.

Comment: The Cloud vs. Free Software (Score 2, Insightful) 204

by tbf (#36430616) Attached to: Shuttleworth: Chrome Nearly Replaced FF In Ubuntu

The Cloud is closed. Even more closed than all IBM's, Microsoft and Apples of this world ever have been. Does Mark realise that he makes his entire Ubuntu project obsolete by trusting The Cloud? We can just stick with the pre-installed Windows or OSX, if all our stuff is in that fucking Cloud. Actually would be more secure than using Googlezillas Spyware...

Comment: Try it before grunting! (Score 1) 729

by tbf (#36015434) Attached to: Ubuntu Unity: The Great Divider

Felt uncomfortable with the choice between GNOME Shell and Unity for quite some time, until I finally took the time to seriously test-drive the stuff.

Short: Ifell in love with Unity.

Love the clever use of screen space. Especially how the title- and menubar of maximized windows is merged into the top panel - brilliant. The reduced screen clutter from the new scrollers - enjoyable. Although the new scrollbars still need some UX love - they are hard to hit and such, but I am convinced that issues will be solved. Similar like the problem of resizing frameless windows was solved. Love that I still have workspace handling.

The side panel looks dull on screenshots. Guess the Canonical guys shall post animated gifs or something instead. In life it feels much slicker due its nice animations. Maximized windows let slide out of the screen. Did I mention the nice and useful animations?

Summary: You really shall try GNOME Shell and Unity before talking them down. There are good chances you'll fell in love with them. For me Unity fits well, others will love GNOME Shell. Just grunting without having tried them is lame. Seriously lame.

Next dream: Both projects finally would get together and use compatible specs at least.

Comment: Re:Is It Worth nVidia's Time? (Score 2, Insightful) 412

by tbf (#31634454) Attached to: Nvidia Drops Support For Its Open Source Driver

Well, Linux users might be multiplicators: Many of them are technology affine and therefore their family and friends might ask them for hardware recommendations. So if the Linux user only uses Intel or ATI (s)he'll hardly recommend nVidia cards to their family and friends, not? So probably nVidia managment needs to go back to business school and learn the maths.

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