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Comment I suspect you're doomed to failure :( (Score 4, Insightful) 233

" so it'll be tough to build an internal team quickly enough "

This smells of failure. Contractors aren't going to get up to speed any faster than internal resources (sans technology specifics like expertise in a language). Our management tried the same thing: hire contractors for a short term (less than 3 months), hurry up scenario. Except it took a month to interview and get the contractors on site. Much of the 3 months of contractors time was spent to get their environments setup, work with IT to configure permissions and the contractors themselves to learn the complex product enough to contribute. Not to mention the loss of focus of the internal team assisting the the contractors.

I would spend more effort coming up with a realistic plan that has a chance at success rather than trying to meet a date that is not going to be met. Build a plan that includes a mix of internal an external resources. I would include time to hire contractors (remembering that background checks take time) plus all of the other activities that will consume time away from producing the finished product.

Comment its near panic levels (Score 0) 124

drones are bad! that's the mantra and the panic that ensues. I say follow the money and see who stands to gain or lose from drone users (from hobbyists to professional and government uses). There you will find your real motivation for such panic.

I've struggled with how pilots flying at 100+ mph can honestly report sites of hand size drones and consider it legitimate information. I remember a fire fighting pilot being interviewed about how unsuccessful the fire fighting effort was because of drones-- let's see there's smoke, fire, debris, stationary obstacles and everything else and he actually had time to recognize hampered by drones. I think it's panic, fear and just opportunity to blame something new with lots of unknowns, than than realistic (before everyone gets all cocky eyed, I do hold a recreational pilot license which I've had since the 90s, PDK of all places)

That's not to say there is potential for a drone could cause harm. However, I'm sure the panic is driven more by money and control than common sense.

Comment Im not sure I'm buying the premises (Score 1) 325

We have little drone, weighing at most 3lb. And then we have a jumbo jet, weighing tons. The jumbo jet creates all kinds of turbulence and wind eddys. The little drone can barely hold in any wind.

I realize if one of these gets into the engine of a plane it could be devastating. However, being an owner of one of these "drones", I have a hard time seeing one of these ever getting to that point. The higher you get with the drone, the more wind to contend with. Wind and drafts will throw a drone so far out of control it will be like a piece of paper blowing in the wind.

Comment Re: This is silly (Score 2) 720

You do realize that people aren't, you know, actually, like, supposed to be able to support themselves with the lowest-paid jobs in the country? These are the kind of jobs that used to be done by kids still living at home, not those who expected to make a career and raise a family by saying 'Do you want fries with that?' a thousand times a day?

I'm sorry. This is not flamebait. This is a legitimate point. In the 1980s the minimum wage was $3.35 hr. People could not support themselves on that amount in the 80s. My point is our minimum wage scale has been operating under such constraints for 30+ yrs. Right or wrong, the fact that its been working that way for that long, in many ways, implies what was stated

Comment Didn't taco bell try this in the 90s (Score 1) 720

I thought I went to some Taco Bells in a major metropolitan area in the 90s and they have picture based, self ordering kiosks. I haven't seen those since, but I will admit I don't visit taco bell like I used too.

The reason I ask that is if they did, why do we not see that any more and do those same reasons apply today?

Comment crying over spilled milk (Score 1) 355

Society is changing. Technology is changing. Therefore, it seems a logic conclusion that how we learn and what we learn, from the onset, changes. I feel the people complaining (educators and teachers association) that kids aren't learning how to play with blocks are more concerned about preserving their existing jobs rather than adjusting to a changing world.

That doesn't mean I think learning to play with blocks, lincoln logs, or lego is wrong or outdated. I think the complaining by the teachers association is just that...complaining.

Comment why not actionscript? (Score 1) 37

Completely overlooked in this book was Adobe's product: actionscript. It is a java-like language with java-like capabilities: real classes, interfaces, events, web services, XML, name it..... Compiled, actionscript becomes native applications for both Android, Windows, all browsers (and iOS, but I guess iOS support is still beta) with single code base. I cannot say where I have this functioning as described, however, if you live in the USA you have probably already experienced such implementations as described above.

Comment I question how well it work (Score 1) 364

In the city where I live, the lights are timed in such a way that once you get one red light, without aggressive acceleration and speeding, you will be stopped at the next light. Unless the system and help you time when you leave, it seems like it wouldn't work without either driving well above the speed limit or well below it.

{begin soapbox}
And of course, this is just fodder for police departments. As we all know, red light running and speeding is the gateway crime into bigger badder behaviors. And, the we all know the police are not motivated by revenue or promotions for catching the most. {end soapbox}

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