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by tapi0 (#47374511) Attached to: Microsoft Backs Open Source For the Internet of Things
Perhaps you're right, maybe it's just moved on to an accepted alias
It does just seem to indicate an unwillingness to move on though, and potentially hurts any point trying to make as the first thought is that whoever's using it is clinging to (potentially) outdated grievances, and allegiances, rather than wanting open discourse.
But I think I was being a little OTT there, it was late and I responded quickly.

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And I realise it's a different state (or World depending on your point of view ;-) ) but a quick search shows, for example, that the University of Texas Investment Management Company is a 501(c) corporation but has been declared a Governmental Body for the purposes of the Texan Act.

Is it likely that the Massachusettson (sp?) State Attorney can and will clarify the position of these companies? If I were to let popular media inform me, I'd imagine he/she is evil and or corrupt and unlikely to do so?

Comment: Open Records still applies? (Score 1) 534

Doesn't the Open Records policy still apply to corporations when acting on behalf of, or in lieu of, a public organisation? Honest question as I don't know, but the UK's Freedom of Information Act which borrowed heavily from the US system has such a provision and private organisations are not exempt from requests if working in that capacity.

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by tapi0 (#47266343) Attached to: Amazon Announces 'Fire Phone'

Let me help you out...


This thing should *sell* and *sell* hard.

AT&T only. (Amazon customers know they're using the same provider that supports kindle data, so are assured that Amazon know that their partner will deliver a good service)
1280x720 resolution. (matches the films resolution that they'll get from Prime)
$649 or ridiculous contracts. (includes Prime ! Yay! ....And 24hr direct support)
No external sd support. (important to an amazon customer?)
Not real Android. (important to an amazon customer?)
No Google Play store or Google apps. (But has an app store that already provides thousands of apps for kindle and *other* phones and tablets)
Weakly specced. (important to an amazon customer? no, really - look at the video, it shows it *doing stuff* and that's all that matters, not your gigabitz and mega hurts)
Nonstop monitoring and control by Amazon. (*important* to the amazon customer - as before, it *works* and when it doesn't, or I don't know how to make it work then there's that friendly Amazon to the rescue)

It's going to sell like fucking hotcakes, isn't it?

Don't underestimate how most of the things you or I may see as a negative, are actually welcomed by others (Oh..... "and it's 3D!!! ")

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Amazon could choose to lower the price of an application while deciding to reduce the developer's share without having to ask permission

Well, insofar as "within terms of accepted contract" could be construed as "without permission".

Also, unless it's changed recently (and I haven't been keeping track) Amazon can, and will, adjust prices but the developer is guaranteed a minimum price. So Amazon could give away the app in a bundle and the developer still gets the agreed minimum pricing

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by tapi0 (#47263413) Attached to: Google To Take On Apple's CarPlay

we are left to wonder whether it'll be Apple or Google that ends up owning the automotive market

Well QNX is still the #1 embedded system, and owned by Blackberry. They've demo'd full automotive interfaces (including dashboard, not just entertainment) and, I'm led to understand, CarPlay is currently running atop QNX - I doubt that ios or osx or a variant would be taken up by any car maker as an embedded system.

Regardless, wasn't there a recent survey that basically concluded that most Driver's really wanted car manufacturers to stop buggering around with in car entertainment - leave it at audio, navigation and hands free telephony and give up on all the trickery they're trying to employ to seem cool and attractive.

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You're driving a Mitsubishi compact sedan or hatchback. Unless you've tarted it up with bric-a-brac (spoilers, coffee can exhaust, stickers, etc) or you're a leadfoot the police think you're driving a Mitsubishi compact sedan or hatchback.

this is a factory Evo:

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It doesn't need 10%. The 10% alluded to in the article is a reservation for Kinect use in game that was originally mandated for all games, even those without Kinect features, but can now be freed up if the game doesn't use Kinect.

My reply was to the question "is this saying Kinect is always on, even if it isn't running anything for the game?", the answer being yes, and don't think about disabling it.

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