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Comment: Selective shuttering? (Score 1) 519

by tapi0 (#47714815) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

I wonder if they could employ some sort of 3D tracking* and then selectively shutter the relevant mirror whilst the bird flies through, it should only be momentary and not impact performance to a great extent. I'm making an assumption here that there is a way to shutter or otherwise divert the mirror for normal servicing operations, or 'throttling back'

Of course, if the bird gets closer to the boiler, more mirrors will be in play and likely difficult to manage, but this could be combined with an appropriate scare that can be mounted, or flown around the central structure

* A quick search reveals similar systems for airports, may be adaptable?

Comment: mod up! Re:What Atmos could do (Score 1) 197

by tapi0 (#47689003) Attached to: Is Dolby Atmos a Flop For Home Theater Like 3DTV Was?
Already commented so not able to mod - someone else with mod points out there? You've hit the nail on the head - atmos (or equivalent systems) with positional info distinct from the speaker channels should definitely get the best out of whatever installation
of course, there'll be the guys on here that point out that nothing will ever sound as good as their perfectly set up reference system, but they'll also be the ones complaining about 'the masses' having really badly set up rooms.
maybe that's it? a little bit of a frightner that time and effort may soon be nearly caught up with digital trickery?

Comment: Re:im a music mixer in hollywood... (Score 1) 197

by tapi0 (#47688931) Attached to: Is Dolby Atmos a Flop For Home Theater Like 3DTV Was?
that's how many amplifiers have been working for a while now (Yamaha are especially good at this with their discrete and sound projector lines)
Any new atmos enabled amp will have exactly that - see home theatre geeks
but a separate mic as you suggest isn't going to do very well....what's it going to tell your source/amp and what is it that you expect your source or amp to do with the info (if there was even an interface, so it could receive the info)?

Comment: Re:Disengenous (Score 1) 306

by tapi0 (#47571311) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math
depends where, I believe that here in the UK at least you are able to have the book read out and recorded, copied to a large print, converted to brail, even typed up into word for you to read on screen. Of course, you could just buy them in that format to start with, but there's nothing illegal about doing so (or paying someone to do it for you).

Comment: Re:Trust (Score 1) 136

by tapi0 (#47374511) Attached to: Microsoft Backs Open Source For the Internet of Things
Perhaps you're right, maybe it's just moved on to an accepted alias
It does just seem to indicate an unwillingness to move on though, and potentially hurts any point trying to make as the first thought is that whoever's using it is clinging to (potentially) outdated grievances, and allegiances, rather than wanting open discourse.
But I think I was being a little OTT there, it was late and I responded quickly.

Comment: Re:Open Records still applies? (Score 1) 534

And I realise it's a different state (or World depending on your point of view ;-) ) but a quick search shows, for example, that the University of Texas Investment Management Company is a 501(c) corporation but has been declared a Governmental Body for the purposes of the Texan Act.

Is it likely that the Massachusettson (sp?) State Attorney can and will clarify the position of these companies? If I were to let popular media inform me, I'd imagine he/she is evil and or corrupt and unlikely to do so?