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Comment: Re:truth (Score 2) 433

by talis9 (#35488214) Attached to: Blogger Fined $60K For Telling the Truth

While what you was once true, that is no longer the case.

From the EFA (Electronic Frontiers Australia) page on defamation (

On 25 October 2005, the Queensland Attorney General Linda Lavarch announced that a Bill (Defamation Bill 2005) to amend Queensland's defamation laws, in accord with proposed uniform national laws, had been introduced into Parliament and was expected to become effective from 1 January 2006. In a media release titled Queensland Moves To Adopt National Uniform Defamation Laws the Queensland Attorney General stated that key features of the legislation include:

        * "preventing corporations (other than non-for-profit organisations or small businesses) from suing for defamation, addressing current community concerns that large companies could stifle legitimate public debate by beginning defamation action;
        * establishing a defence of "truth" to replace the previous defence of "truth and public benefit";
        * reducing the time limit for bringing a defamation action from six years to one year (or three years if the court is satisfied an action could not have been brought within one year);
        * abolishing the awarding of exemplary and punitive damages in civil defamation proceedings; and
        * limiting juries to determining whether a person has been defamed, leaving the awarding of damages to judges."

This was passed in to law in all Australian states and territories. So truth is a defense in Australia.

Comment: Re:This comes up almost daily on PHB websites... (Score 1) 219

by talis9 (#35053918) Attached to: How Do You Protect Servers From a Rogue Admin?

This discussion has got me wondering just what kind of person is always expecting everyone to stab him in the back. I understand caution and reasonable preparation for calamities human and otherwise, but the PHB crowd really fixates on the paranoia.

The reason is quite simple.

Most of those PHB's got their position by stabbing someone in the back, so they are expecting every one else to do the same to them.

Real programmers don't write in BASIC. Actually, no programmers write in BASIC after reaching puberty.