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Submission + - SPAM: uninstall apps from windows 8

tadekd writes: "Uninstalling from start menu is easiest way to remove software from windows 8 computer. Go to Start Menu by pressing Windows key. After that right click on Software (App) you want to uninstall from your computer than click on Uninstall Below from Options, Follow uninstalling steps and remove software."
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Submission + - SPAM: Cool & Best Android Apps

tadekd writes: Android OS is most popular OS for Smartphones in these days. It is growing rapidly worldwide because it is open source OS from google. There are millions of apps in Google Play Store. You will get all of your needed apps on android market but when a new Android user buy phone he is unable to judge which apps are best Android Apps .
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Submission + - SPAM: skype video android

tadekd writes: "Skype has changed the way we chat and call over internet. If you have internet on your Android Phone or Tablet, You can video call to Skype contacts using Skype App for Android over WiFi or 3G. You can send text messages, share photos, videos using Skype on your Android Device."
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