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Comment: Re:Many users won't be back (Score 1) 516

by tacroy (#47154441) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015
As one of the 6 users of a Windows Phone. My brand new Nokia can connect to Microsoft's Cloud, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and pretty much any cloud I want to. They are also far more open of an ecosystem than my iPhone was (though less than my webOS phones were) While, I agree that microsoft wants to make money on the cloud I haven't seen anything lately that would lead me to believe they would be doing it at the forced exclusion or other companies services. They seem to be a very different company than they were... Maybe they are finally going to compete on quality instead of market abuse.

Comment: But your honor! (Score 3, Interesting) 562

by tacroy (#45595675) Attached to: Anonymous Member Sentenced For Joining DDoS Attack For One Minute
But your honor, I only pulled the trigger for 1 second, 2 tops! While the fine seems FREAKING large I can appreciate that it was tied directly too a purpose. i.e. the amount paid to hire someone to secure the site. But I feel attaching it to the actual value lost (5k) would have been more fair, maybe with a bit extra to be punitive? I imagine that if they caught more people the fine would have been spread out among them? But I don't understand why intent to do harm would in any way be lessened because "I only did the bad thing for a short period of time."

Comment: Re:Being a Saudi (Score 4, Informative) 537

Really? Because I remember a story where a women caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus and He basically said "Don't judge her, you have no right. Then asked her to stop doing it." Very little murder was involved. Reference:

Comment: Something seems a about this. (Score 1) 768

by tacroy (#41805685) Attached to: Valve: Linux Better Than Windows 8 for Gaming
Everything I have heard is that win8 desktop mode will run programs the same way that win7 does. So....steam will run and games will run same as they always have. It SEEMS (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that the only large change is that Microsoft is introducing a competing digital store for games. So it sounds like win8 isn't bad for gaming as much as it could be bad for Valve since they will now have competition. That opens a whole new issue: Is it unethical / Illegal for Microsoft to support their own store over valve's store? But isn't that the current state of macOS, which Valve is currently moving into?

Comment: It's very good when it augments controllers... (Score 5, Interesting) 130

by tacroy (#40237421) Attached to: Is Microsoft's Kinect a Gaming Failure?
The games where it has supported a traditional controller are actually very engaging. I love just yelling "Tali sabotage" while aiming normally. Similar in Skyrim, dragon shouting in dragon language is pretty neat. As far as motion tracking, the Steel Battalion demo was REALLY frustrating the first time I tried it. THEN I tried playing it like i was actually there by using quick motions instead of trying to "hover over controls" and press and hold. And it just clicked. It's now one of the titles I am anticipating. It's been mostly gimmick waggle and dance so far. But the opportunity is there; heck just add head tracking to all first person shooters and you make something awesome....

Comment: Re:Oops Adobe did it again (Score 4, Insightful) 129

by tacroy (#38024188) Attached to: Will Adobe's HTML5 Strategy Help Developers?
One comment on this; and only because I see it repeated so often I assume most consider it fact. Flash does WAY more than video streaming, and html5 has not yet even come close to the robustness that flash offers. Smokescreen made it possible to convert the animation part to html, but not much of the actual programming.

People tend to view flash as "A web video player" when in reality its much closer to "java + good video playing"

Yes, most peoples view of flash is based on youtube and worthless animated website intro videos. But it's also used to create very robust web applications, eLearning, and games. HTML5 can do some of that, but there are still MANY uses for which flash and actionscript are far superior.

Comment: Re:Welcome to drudgedot, again... (Score 2) 2115

by tacroy (#37441182) Attached to: White House Proposes "Wealthy Tax"
Please understand this is a COMPLETELY honest comment. Please take it as face value. I am ignorant of this new tax and as I am working I don't currently have time to research. Based on the summery, President Obama is proposing to increase taxes on those that make over 1mil a year and the republicans are calling it class warfare. Which part of that is wrong / pandering to the conservative base? If it is fact then it can't be construed as bias, however, if it is FALSE then it should be discredited. In all honesty, I ask, please fill me in. Thank you.

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 81

by tacroy (#37044986) Attached to: Wireless Charging On the Droid Bionic?
Yeah, i love me my touchstones. I have one at my office and one in my car. It's really hard to appreciate them until you use one. But it's pretty awesome, to sit in my car, place my phone on a little circle then have it hold there magnetically, while charging, and playing all my music wirelessly putting my gps right where I need it.. No wires! And it knows it's in my car so it opens pandora and gps automagically.

Comment: Re:At least I know why I'm paying for on Live now (Score 1) 162

by tacroy (#36504920) Attached to: Codemasters Shuts Down <em>GRID</em> Online Multiplayer
Actaully, I don't think the xbox shadowrun servers ARE down? At least not last time I played it. The PC dedicated servers are though. I wouldn't expect them to go down either, since xbox live does not use a traditional dedicated server but instead is mainly a routing service that allows the users xbox's to host. Many people view that as a weakness, but it certainly is a strength if you want to play an older game. There HAVE been a few exceptions.with chromehounds one of the biggest (R.I.P) but that was because of the extensive non-ms hosting that the persistent world used. The other big one was halo 2, but that wasn't even a 360 title and was only running on a emulated backwards compatable version of the service.

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