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Comment: Re:Standardize battery pack (Score 1) 369

by tab_b (#27677357) Attached to: Developing Battery Replacement Infrastructure For Electric Cars
I'm sure there are several ways around this, computer-vision systems could just look at the underside of the car and recognize the battery, RFID tags on the car could identify the make and model so the system would know where the battery should be, magnetic sensors, etc. Use some imagination.

Comment: Have sshd give out less info (Score 1) 327

by tab_b (#26200637) Attached to: The Slow Bruteforce Botnet(s) May Be Learning
Haven't seen anyone mention this but... how about patching sshd so that an attacker can't tell the difference between a connection failing because of a bad userid or because of a bad password/key? Let them sit and spin (a tarpit?) trying to break into that "amanda" account they think I have - or blow out their database thinking every host has every possible userid in the book.

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