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Comment Re:None shall pass, except... (Score 1) 216 216

Ron Paul doesn't have a history of siding with anything other than the constitution, ever.

Do you know that as a fact? Do you know his entire voting history (it's quite extensive)? For example, what about HR 5851? He voted Nay on that. That sounds like siding with corporations to me, whether that was his intention or not.

Comment None shall pass, except... (Score 1) 216 216

The chance of anything passing that doesn't 1) benefit corporations, or 2) benefit defense contractors and the military are very slim. I have to agree with other posters that the Republicans aren't the only ones to blame. Most politicians seem to be in bed with corporate America (Elizabeth Warren and some others seem to be rare exceptions).

Comment Re:Watson is a scientist (Score 1) 235 235

I'm sorry, being old is not an excuse. A racist, sexist old person is still racist and sexist. Sorry, get with the times or get out. I don't care how great of a scientist he was (and let's face is, he would not have made those discoveries without the hard work of many of scientists, some of whom never received the credit they were due). He's still a crummy person.

Comment What is wrong with India? (Score 1) 180 180

Rape is rampant in India. WTF? It's possible that the media is distorting how prevalent it is due to a few of the high profile gang rape cases that have been reported, but still. You don't hear about gang rape of women here in the U.S.. Get your shit together, India.

Comment Re:Discipline and training (see my comments!) (Score 1) 312 312

Infrequently, but I did try to get out and walk 2-3 miles at least 3-4 times a week. I would go out at midnight and walk around if I needed to (no wonder the neighbors don't talk to me). There's a small park 2 miles from me, so walking to that and back was a nice break from reading, gave me time to stretch, and collect my thoughts. Depending on my workload, I sometimes made time for exercise, but other times I did not. So, I would call it irregular exercise.

Comment Re:Discipline and training (see my comments!) (Score 1) 312 312

We have a saying here, "grad school is 99% drudgery, 1% fun" and I think it's very true. This is an example of the drudgery

I will echo someone else's sentiment that reading on paper might actually help. I've now grown accustomed to reading everything in Mendeley, but for the first year and a half, I printed everything out (anyone want a 50lb box of Action and Perception readings?), and I think the physicality helped.

Comment Discipline and training (see my comments!) (Score 1) 312 312

I am a PhD student, 4 years into a very difficult program (ecological/dynamical systems psychology... basically mathematical/physical psychology). My attention span has increased significantly from when I was an undergrad. Why? Discipline and hard work. I'm not implying you don't work hard. What I mean is that you need to re-train your brain, though. The first two years of my program involved courses where I has to read on average 500-800 pages per week (in addition to research and teaching obligations) in order to prepare for a weekly oral exam that was administered in front of my peers (it was very embarrassing to be unprepared for that!). This is what forced me to concentrate better. It wasn't fun, it sucked real bad, but I'm much. much better off for it.

Now, it does take me about an hour to get focused enough to do work, but once I get there, I'm good. So, my only suggestion is that you have to keep trying, keep reading, for many hours, even if you think you're not getting anything out of it, You are, it just takes time to see the results (kind of like working out). There might bet better way to go about this, this is just how it happened for me.

Comment This would fail for me (Score 1) 186 186

I get very anxious when I am presented with a bunch of menu items, and I feel social pressure to decide quickly because I am waiting in line. This causes me to stare blankly at menu items for many seconds at a time. I suspect that this would cause this thing to build the strangest pizzas for me, and probably not at all what I want. Good thing I don't eat at Pizza Hut anymore.

Comment Re:You're still doing that? (Score 1) 274 274

I probably won't but not for that reason... I am very suspicious of how most non-profits use their donations. It's well known, for instance, that the Red Cross is horribly mis-managed and probably wastes a shitton of the money that is donated to them. Many non-profits lack transparency, and so we have no way of knowing what happens to the money we donate to them. No thanks, there's better ways to spend my money.

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