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Comment Sample of ONE (Score 1) 58

With a sample of one, I'm sure the FDA and his fellow Neuroscientists will be thrilled by his data. His research lacks any statistical power at all! I think it's cool that people are willing to risk brain damage to contribute to science (not sarcasm), but they should consider what it is they are actually contributing. How do we know that those particular neurons he singled out aren't unique to him? That is, their functional role in him could differ in some ways from those neurons in others. That's just one problem. There's plenty of others.

Comment Re:Environmental impact of 96 million plastic ball (Score 1) 234

I should at that, once again, this is a great example of humans avoiding addressing the ACTUAL problem, and instead devising a solution that will in time only become an additional problem. Are they have a serious conversation about the amount of water being used for farming ni CA, especially things like almonds? That seems to be one of the underlying causes (that and trying to squeeze millions of people into what amounts to an arid desert).

Comment Environmental impact of 96 million plastic balls? (Score 1) 234

I wonder what we'll do with 96 million plastic balls when we're finished with them...bury them in some landfill, or ship them to China? Also, won't they break down from sunlight and UV exposure and then affect the water quality? My point here is that, sure it's great that we're possibly mitigating a drought, but at what future environmental cost?

Comment Re:None shall pass, except... (Score 1) 216

Ron Paul doesn't have a history of siding with anything other than the constitution, ever.

Do you know that as a fact? Do you know his entire voting history (it's quite extensive)? For example, what about HR 5851? He voted Nay on that. That sounds like siding with corporations to me, whether that was his intention or not.

Comment None shall pass, except... (Score 1) 216

The chance of anything passing that doesn't 1) benefit corporations, or 2) benefit defense contractors and the military are very slim. I have to agree with other posters that the Republicans aren't the only ones to blame. Most politicians seem to be in bed with corporate America (Elizabeth Warren and some others seem to be rare exceptions).

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