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Comment: virtual labs (Score 1) 393

by t35t0r (#33181810) Attached to: Forget University — Use the Web For Education, Says Gates

The quality of online education could improve even more when virtual reality labs can be used at low cost. Even then, actually working with lab equipment (bio/medical or engineering) adds greatly to the curriculum. Some of these things are just way to expensive for the average person to purchase.

Comment: Re:This (Score 1) 325

by t35t0r (#32490496) Attached to: HP Gives Printers Email Addresses

It could, but only within the organization since I can setup email printing to only accept from certain email servers within a range of IP addresses. Within an organization it's easy to find out when someone is abusing something, and when that does happen there are consequences for that person within that organization. I'd have to blame the admin for leaving this wide open to the whole world.

Comment: youtube: xplane on 24 monitors on ubuntu (Score 1) 262

by t35t0r (#32486450) Attached to: One Video Card, 12 Monitors

xplane on 24 monitors on ubuntu out of one box, but I think this was using 4 of the 6 output eyefinity cards:

Assuming that the 6 output cards use 2 card slot spaces each, then you'd have 8 used. It looks like this HD5970 uses 3 slots so you could still only get two of these cards into that same system. If you could get one more rear slot to be available you might be able to fit 3 of these cards into one machine and you'd get a 36 monitor output (each monitor at 1920x1200). You could have a 9 (*1920) wide by 4 monitors high (* 1200), which is about 79.1 megapixels . Or you could do a 6 x 6 .

Comment: Won't work on RHEL5/CENTOS5 (Score 1) 197

by t35t0r (#30367816) Attached to: Google Upgrades Chrome To Beta For OS X, Linux

./chrome: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by ./chrome)

       => not found
       => not found
       => not found
       => not found
       => not found
       => not found
       => not found

even if I symlink the existing libraries to the names it wants above it'll still bomb on the GLIBCXX_3.4.9 error. . No big deal though. Without support for firefox plugins Chrome is pretty much worthless for me.

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