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Comment Re:Penny Arcade (Score 1) 543

I also have no use for most of the metro apps, exception maybe to the weather app that gives me a quick overview on the live tile. What I did was remove them from start, fill the slots with desktop apps, and now it works like a fancier start menu. With search as you type now including settings I use it like I used to with the classic start menu, only had to disable the bing integration. The new start button is actually just occupying space as I was already getting used to the hot corner.

Comment Re:I think there's something wrong (Score 2) 133

You can also try the built in click to play feature:

1. Disable/remove flashblock
2. Type "about:config" in the address bar and press Enter
3. Say "yes, I know what I'm doing" if asks
4. Search for the setting named "plugins.click_to_play"
5. Set it to "true"

Note: not working 100% yet on version 16 IIRC.

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