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+ - Fetal Activity Monitor Sends Baby Kicks to Twitter->

Submitted by JulieK
JulieK (1830734) writes "When pregnant moms wear the Kickbee, the Twittering fetal activity monitor, and her baby kicks, the device sends an update to Twitter or Dad's iPhone announcing, "I kicked Mommy!" Corey Menscher, a NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program grad, invented the stretchy belly band with vibration sensors inside to connect parents separated during pregnancy. A microcontroller in the Kickbee, transmits the signals wirelessly to a computer program and then to Twitter or text message."
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+ - Parrots, People and Pedagogies: A Look at Teaching->

Submitted by grrlscientist
grrlscientist (1127371) writes "My thoughts on a research paper that describes an interesting technique for increasing active student participation in the classroom, improving reading comprehension and familiarizing students with quickly reading and evaluation scientific manuscripts whilst decreasing boredom and that passive classroom atmosphere that gets in the way of actual learning."
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