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Comment: Uneducated about Solar (Score 1) 735

by sziring (#42289389) Attached to: Solar Panels For Every Home?

Writers haven't a clue. Below are two points out of many to consider.

Solar without Battery backup:
-> No power when lines are down.
-> Repairs take much longer as the line tech need to shutoff each house with solar prior to work.
-> The more houses connected this way the more spikes on the grid (non sunny days, nights)
---> To avoid spikes electric co's have been known to throttle power back to the lines (google: electric co's requiring windmill throttling)

Solar WITH battery backup:
-> Needs to be properly ventilated as the batteries give off toxic fumes.
-> Shouldn't be in a basement due to the first point as well as flooding considerations.
-> What to do with more toxic waste.

Comment: Limit the time to sue for infringement (Score 1) 153

by sziring (#42046933) Attached to: USPTO Head: Current Patent Litigation Is 'Reasonable'
They need to do away with the let's sit back and wait until company A makes billions off the product before suing. Let's setup a scenario where company B holds a patient for a something WiFi related and they learned company A released a product that infringes on their patient. Company B should start the infringement paperwork no later than x months from the time it first found out.

Comment: It's a waste of money and site will fight back. (Score 1) 295

by sziring (#41992017) Attached to: AdTrap Aims To Block All Internet Advertising In Hardware
If you try using hardware/software on a large scale to block ads it will fail. Sites can easily counter this by running some of the code critical to the page load through their ad server. Blocking the ads will also block this critical piece of code and cause the page load to fail, thus no content. Don't waste your money..

+ - best open source language for building an XML API

Submitted by
sziring writes "I need to build an in-house website that will interface with an API connection (manipulating XML data back and forth). I can either reuse some older code written in Java or explorer newer options. I am looking to use this as a personal learning experience and the end result be that I can apply what I learned and build other API connections to new social media platforms...
Yeah, Java is an easy choice but wanted to see what other mature open source options there were (IE Python, PHP) to manipulate XML and reliably leverage WSDL 1.1 and SOAP 1.1
Below are requirements:
The API is a standards-based Web Service that is built on the J2EE Model2 (MVC) framework. For more information on Web Services Architecture, please refer to the W3C Working Group Documentation: .
        A SOAP v1.1 implementation library (specific to the programming language used)
        A WSDL v1.1 implementation library (specific to the programming language used):"

+ - Hey Zynga, who's Joshua?->

Submitted by
sziring writes "Hey Zynga, who's Joshua? Oh that's the previous owner of my iPhone 4, thanks for the introduction. Just how much personal information are you storing? My iPhone 4 was purchased off eBay a couple of months back through a wholesaler. They wiped the phone before I received it and I wiped it again just to be sure. It would seem as if Zynga is tracking the personal identifiable information of their end users by the hardware used to access their software. Awesome!"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Goodbye Texas textbook Influence (Score 2) 396

by sziring (#38344390) Attached to: Goodbye Textbooks, Hello iPad
With ebooks we no longer have to worry about one State's ability to influence the textbook publishers for the other 49. We do have to worry about certain areas desire to change "history" to reflect their own believes or views. There might be a whole lot of God references in a catholic schools textbook about founding the US for example.

Comment: NOT Anti-trust (Score 1) 748

by sziring (#38128962) Attached to: MS To Build Antivirus Into Win8: Boon Or Monopoly?
It's not anti-trust, since they created the holes indirectly through poor coding, etc... If Microsoft was a plumber and Windows was the pipe, they are making sure the pipes don't leak. It doesn't mean you can't fire them and have another plumber investigate or watch over your OS. If we take that bad analogy and apply it to Internet Explorer, IE would be the Sink, where it's optional and already installed so why bother looking else ware. They allowed vulnerabilities in their OS, they should secure it. Even if you disagree with my perspective, what's the difference if Microsoft doesn't bundle AV and instead patches the OS daily instead?

Comment: Good! I would rather pay for HBO than bundled ESPN (Score 1) 447

by sziring (#37543018) Attached to: The Cable Industry's a La Carte Bait and Switch
I would much rather put my money towards HBO than get ESPN for free. According to the rate chart below in 2009 cable subscribers were paying over $4 just for ESPN. I like watching the occasional sporting event but if people are willing to pay for every other sports channel, let them and stop charging me for it.

Comment: You will compete with MS/MBA in the future (Score 1) 330

by sziring (#36875896) Attached to: Is the Master's Degree the New Bachelor's?
Arguing about the relevancy of a MS/MBA degree isn't the issue, the issue is competing with this group in the future, much like High School only degree's have been doing in the non-Technical field for years. Yes, I will agree the technology field is much more forgiving in degree omission when there is experience and proof to back you up. A degree or advanced degree will greatly increases your chances of landing a job if you have no experience. The U of Phoenix degree's and other for profit schools will be takes with a grain of salt in the future. I have hired a lot of really good people with degree's from DeVry. All with a solid technical foundation and real world skill-set, BUT they wanted to learn and got the most out of their schooling. I also have read the articles about people being recruited out of homeless shelters with Government aid thrown at them, only to screwed over for Government aid later. I'm going to say that accredited higher ed will still be valuable and a deciding factor in the future, regardless of what we feel today.

Comment: CC companies to collect/report tax instead (Score 1) 949

by sziring (#36749950) Attached to: Slate: Amazon's Tax Stance Unfair and Unethical
Amazon's complaint is valid, however so is the state's stance on revenue lost. It needs to be centralized, and the CC companies seem the likely target to tally up what State taxes are owed. CC companies could attain a list of taxes due when they receive the transaction, if it's been paid already, and at years end give the card holder a notice of what is owed. I'm not saying I want to pay the tax but, why should a company that already has many advantages, also have the edge over brick and mortar when it comes to taxes.

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