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by szemeredy (#33919896) Attached to: Square Enix Attempting <em>Final Fantasy XIV</em> Damage Control

As far as in-house developed games go, Square Enix has always had a bad track record when it comes to MMO PC performance. They have made improvements in recent years, but only when using someone else's game engine: The Last Remnant (Unreal Engine 3 and Steamworks) and Gyromancer (Bejeweled Twist) both run quite well on PC.

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+ - Wikia busted purchasing FFXIClopedia for $200,000?

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), Square-Enix's unique entry into the MMORPG
market, is not the most popular of the genre. Nonetheless, one of its
strengths lies in the broad community support that it inspires in its
fans. A number of unique metadata sites have sprung up around it,
including the groundbreaking FFXIAH ( Auction
House tracking service.

One of the newer entries to this list is FFXIclopedia
(, an FFXI wiki. As with most wikis, the
content was provided principally by the users and the community. So
what happens when businesses notice such a grass-roots niche market?
Apparently, the answer is: a cover-up of misspent fund-raiser moneys,
and a sale of the content to Wikia for USD $200,000 in cash and stock
options. Source:"

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