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Comment: agile solves analysis paralysis (Score 1) 491

agile can be summarized as "just do it". it works well,in my experience, at cranking out code and a semi usable product. after a few years of bolting on enhancements you may wish you spent more time designing. however, it's easy to design something that don't work. at least with agile you get something working fast. as fast as the web changes, we really need fast solutions to current problems.

Comment: Is 3.5 Stars on Amazon is a bad rating? (Score 1) 202

by systemsplanet (#34637860) Attached to: Google TV Suffers Setback
How do geeks interpret these Amazon ratings for the Logitech Revue?
5 star: (58)
4 star: (43)
3 star: (15)
2 star: (15)
1 star: (29)

To me, a big geek, Google TV is a great value. I'm voting with my wallet...
It works so well, that I've cancelled my $65 a month AT&T Uverse TV subscription.
In 4.6 months, Google TV will be free and I'll be pocketing $65 a month.

The time I use to spend watching re-runs on Uverse, I now spend
- using the Netflix app to stream videos
- using the built-in chrome browser to surf the web, ck email, watch podcasts, watch YouTube lean-back.
- using DLNA to wirelessly listen to my music collection on my sterio, watch my pictures and videos on my big screen (from my Windows 7 VMware VM), etc.

When the Android Market to opens, I'll be downloading new apps....

But as far as a bad rating goes, I don't see where people are coming from. Maybe they're caught in some reality distortion field, or have some axe to grind.

Comment: Who will be able to use these (Score 5, Interesting) 56

by systemsplanet (#33839260) Attached to: eLEGS Exoskeleton Allows Paraplegics To Walk
I've been in a wheelchair for 20+ years, from a spinal injury when I was 20. I wonder if only newly injured people will benefit from this technology. My bones are probably too brittle to support me even with an exoskeleton. Probably will need years of bone therapy before I could use this. But I'd certainly be willing to try, just so I could look down at people again. It would really freak people out, cause I'm 6" but they're used to looking down at me. Wonder if they'll have some dance and ass-kickin modes too.

+ - iPhone will run Flash, with or without Apple

Submitted by systemsplanet
systemsplanet (1332511) writes "Here's three ways Flash can make it to the iPhone:

1. Anti-trust lawsuit will force Apple's hand http://www.phonesreview.co.uk/2010/05/04/apple-could-face-antitrust-inquiry-over-section-3-3-1/

2. Steve Jobs bends to pressure from users who realize ubiquitous HTML5 is many years away,
and sometimes they really do need to watch a flash movie from their iPhone/iPad

3. Users decide jail breaking is no more risky than installing a new OS. Here's how:
- Apple will abandon support for older iPhone/iPads.
- Users will buy new devices and/or jail break their older iPhone/iPads to get the new features;
- Once users realize jail breaking didn't screw up their old phone, they'll jail break their new phone too.
- Jail Broken phones will be much more robust than the stock Apple OS
- Flash and other features will be the choice of the user and not Steve Jobs."

+ - Why cant 4 slash-dotters equal Einstein's brain?

Submitted by systemsplanet
systemsplanet (1332511) writes "Just watched a cable program about Albert Einstein.
His accomplishments are truly amazing.
So what stops multiple people from combining their brainpower?
We're all smart. What are we missing?

If one man can overturn Isac Newton. Four should be able to overturn Einstein.

Your thoughts?"

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil