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Comment: About Parrot .. (Score 2, Interesting) 229

by systems (#22123838) Attached to: perl6 and Parrot 0.5.2 Released
Does Parrot work like the .Net framework in the sense that libraries say writen in Perl can be used in Python or Tcl! (note that Tcl is a completly different paradigm than Perl or Python)

I do know that for .Net to achieve this it forces languages to implement certain set of features, and that the libraries to be shareable to be written using a subset of the CLI or CLR. Are there any Parrot plans for something similar, the idea of a single Libarary archive for all the free languages out there sounds amazing. Groovy is doing something exactly this with Java.
Anyway, I read the faq and this seems unlikely to be planned for, but maybe someone else knows better!

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