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Comment: Gotten use to waiting a few months before upgrade (Score 1) 729

by systematical (#36012738) Attached to: Ubuntu Unity: The Great Divider
Ubuntu's rapid releases and sometimes shotty releases have made me get used to waiting several months, sometimes 6 months, before upgrading. It's likely I'll just move 100% to Debian or something like Mint next time I upgrade my computer. Thanks for all the years Ubuntu, buts its time I go back home to Debian.

Comment: Really sounds like a new way of tracking where... (Score 1) 1306

by systematical (#35614384) Attached to: US Contemplating 'Vehicle Miles Traveled' Tax
Really sounds like a new way of tracking where you go. If they are installed on every car, then the meter can associate your car to a location. No thanks. I'll take public transit and rent a car when needed. Doesn't just taxing the gas do the same thing meanwhile encouraging more gas efficient vehicles... This is also potentially brutal on tourism.

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