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Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

by syockit (#47557605) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline
Regarding point 1, in a same manner, a jew could claim that the jews are the master race of this world, contrary to what the majority of the jews would think. Would you say there's no distinction between them? What Erdogan said borders as being radical. And most radicals don't consider moderates to be part of Islam.

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 1) 387

by syockit (#46235763) Attached to: Ohio Attempting To Stop Tesla From Selling Cars, Again

“Or you could even find somebody who is willing to transport 10 cars at once, for less than it would cost you to go get that car yourself.”

which the manufacturer can finely handle by itself. The only situation where such middle-men could contribute to lower logistic costs is when the factories of different manufacturers are all in the same spot.

Comment: rem in CSS3 (Score 1) 136

by syockit (#46182897) Attached to: These Are the Companies the FAA Has Sent notices To For Using Drones

“Some of the comments use font size 0.85rem (never heard of REM before for a font size), and some of them use 1.5em. Can't work out why some are different. Don't care either. ”

This page explains why you should avoid em, unless you know what you're doing. Most of the time, you want to define the size of a font in terms of the default size, not in relative to parent element.

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