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Comment: Fickle (Score 2) 111

Personally, I like Tag Heur watches. But I would not buy a Tag smart watch. The reason is that in spending a decent sum of money on a watch you are hoping to get a time piece that will last. Tags just about fall into that category, certainly going by resale prices. Why would you spend money on a watch whose insides will become defunct in a few years? It makes zero sense. I would much rather buy a cheap watch that I am comfortable throwing out in a few years, if at all.

Comment: What? (Score 2) 75

by symes (#49255307) Attached to: UK Police and PRS Shut Down Karaoke Torrent Site

$10B?! I find this utterly staggering. Mostly because I cannot imagine karaoke being that popular. Second, because most of this, as far as I know, happens in bars. Who would buy/download karaoke for personal use? What is more, why is this a target for the police when there are plenty of other, and larger, trackers out there? Nothing in this story makes any sense.

Comment: Sick (Score 4, Insightful) 301

I do not like unpaid sick leave in some industries - particularly nurses, healthcare workers and the like. It means people are more likely to work when they are ill, forced to by financial concerns. Not good when they are dealing with people who are vulnerable. Same is true, to some extent, for bus drivers. Driving a bunch of people around while suffering from fever, etc., is going to effect their ability to drive. There's probably a compromise, such that drivers get 50% pay when ill. But would still prefer to see someone not drive me around while suffering from poor health. So what is good for workers and unions can also be good for customers as well.

Comment: Re:About time. (Score 2) 309

by symes (#49019343) Attached to: The IPCC's Shifting Position On Nuclear Energy

This is not my area - but surely some of the issues could be resolved with better storage solutions together with greater take up? It strikes me that an advantage solar has is that people can pop a solar panel anywhere, from watches to houses, meaning they can be integrated more fully into where energy is needed. Storing excess well means peaks are covered.

Comment: Question (Score 4, Insightful) 121

by symes (#48977681) Attached to: Alan Turing's Notes Found After Being Used As Insulation At Bletchley Park

Other than the obvious impact Turing's work had in the war effort, did people at Bletchley have any idea how valuable his work would be more generally? My computer science peers are quite good at explaining how their work might have value and impact. Indeed, a lot of scientists these days start publications by providing this context. But is the same true in the first half of the twentieth century and in the middle of a world war? It might well have been the case that his notes were genuinely believed to have more value as insulation.

Comment: Re:I'll just leave this here (Score 2) 92

by symes (#48735421) Attached to: Finnish Bank OP Under Persistent DDoS Attack

Illarionov is a bit crazy and paid (by American think tank iirc) to spout this sort of stuff. I think the chance that Putin would seriously threaten Finland is about the same that Putin would threaten Sweden. Also, Finland is very different to Ukraine in that pretty much everyone in Finland thinks Putin is crazy. In Ukraine there was and still is very strong support for Putin in some areas.

Comment: Re:So ... (Score 1) 218

by symes (#47670997) Attached to: How to Maintain Lab Safety While Making Viruses Deadlier

There has to be a balance between the risks associated with this research and possible gains. Given the potential cost to human life it is hard to understand why this research should continue. Particularly as it is the community in which the lab is based that will inevitably suffer most should there be an incident.

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll