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Comment: Valid technology for "non-critical" firearms (Score 1) 765

by swebster (#46982401) Attached to: A Look at Smart Gun Technology
I understand the debate related to the possible "failures" in critical situations... but aren't there other scenarios where this technology could be useful where it wouldn't really matter if there was a failure. Hunting? Target shooting? In those cases it seems that a system failure would be merely an inconvenience, not a matter of life and death.

Comment: Re:Company owning itself (Score 4, Informative) 521

by swebster (#38070972) Attached to: Microsoft Shareholders Unhappy After Annual Meeting
Yes, the shares are "extinguished." So all the remaining shareholders now own a larger percentage share of the company, because there are fewer shares in existence. I just sold a bunch of shares back to a company... it was somewhat handy because they gave preference to odd lots (had 84 shares) so it helps to "clean things up" a bit. Also, they paid above the market rate (which didn't quite jump to the buyback value because they did not buy an unlimited number).

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