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Comment: Re: Nuclear Power has Dangers (Score 1) 523

by sverdlichenko (#48431785) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?
Not even close to nerve gas. The most important features of weapon-grade nerve gas is that it is not a gas but fine aerosol in first place, and it works not only when inhaled, but also on contact with skin. Even under these circumstances and with proper military deployment, it is expected to be 10000 doses needed to disable one soldier.
People worked with chunks of plutonium and almost no protection for years, and even minor incidents with chemical weapons tend to leave some wounded and dead. I believe in case of launch failure unburned rocket fuel would be more dangerous than plutonium.

Comment: Re:Isn't encryption in JavaScript considered harmf (Score 2) 167

by sverdlichenko (#38133938) Attached to: OpenPGP Implemented In JavaScript
No, it isn't. This article implicitly assumes user trusts server with everything or not at all. Not a case with GMail: in most attack models I can perfectly assume Google will deliver me correct Javascript code over SSL, but never trust it with securing my email content. Account hijacks are quite usual and replacing code on GMail servers is completely another thing.

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