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Comment: Re:Comcast tried to steal $50 from me (Score 1) 223

by surd1618 (#48389375) Attached to: Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising

The *only* reason to offer some sort of price promotion later instead of just giving you the discount up front and making you sign a contract (even for three months of service) is so that they can roll the dice on customers signing up after being enticed by the promotion, and then not claiming the promotion. Rebates work the same way.

Partly agreeing with others here have said, I can think of two other reasons. One is to get customer information. The other is to hold money a little longer, so that there is more money available for the company to use.

Comment: People Are Defined By What They Do (Score 1) 176

by surd1618 (#48362579) Attached to: The Math Behind the Hipster Effect
Everything else is like alms, except for attention instead of money. The amount of vitriol directed at people for putting on a front to get noticed a little bit, is silly, when you consider what really matters in life. It might seem like a geek's pipe-dream, to think that the day will come when people are defined by what they do instead of what they consume. However, the truth is, that this day has already come, and in fact the (tiny) amount of attention we collectively pay to people for how they dress or spend their free time is just a pittance that we put forth to keep the world from being a very very hard place for most people to tolerate. So, I like hipsters a little, but mostly I am just concerned about myself and what I am doing or can do. I would probably espouse some hatred for their ilk conversationally, but I don't really mean it.

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After all, serifs were inherited from Roman techniques for carving letters into giant stones, not in writing: I doubt Roman sculptors would have added things that seemed to decrease legibility to monuments.

I can think of some analogies between chipping away at stones and pushing pixels. Not the least of which is that I it often seems just about as tedious.

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I have read a good bit about this. I found that server farms have a lot of problems with it, but I think the problems are mostly connected to the limited number of flywheel systems that have been made. I suspect that this will become increasingly viable, even maybe the dominant technology, in coming years. But limited engineering, production, and deployment have not favored flywheels yet. So, right there with ya.

The reason that every major university maintains a department of mathematics is that it's cheaper than institutionalizing all those people.