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Comment: Re:advertisers can suck it! (Score 0) 660

by supssa (#31921314) Attached to: Website Mass-Bans Users Who Mention AdBlock
I admit that its your business, and totally agree (adblocker here of course), but I cannot stand this juvenile 'subscription to access the internet' mentality as an entitlement. You have bandwidth, not even guaranteed bandwidth. I doesn't net you anything other than an ability to pull stuff down. If a site wanted to block you for running your adblocker, its their right.

Comment: Re:Nobody here remember RAQ2? or Acorn? (Score 0) 138

by supssa (#31917930) Attached to: Job Ad Hints At Microsoft Move To ARM Servers
Yea I remember RAQ2, probably the worst iteration of the R5000 cpu. My R5000s all had heatsinks, they were also almost 10 years before the underpowered RAQ2. RAQ2 was great if you had a hobbiest webserver, but those of us actually crunching data were much better suited with UltraSPARC or x86....

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