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Comment: Re:Credibility? (Score 1) 279

by supremegeekoverlord (#16524661) Attached to: A Hands-On Zune Review
Well, as long as we're on the topic, let's make a comprehensive list of possible sex references:
  • I found myself unable to stop stroking the device
  • you a feeling of probing deeper into the device
  • ...[I] looked over the shoulder of the guy next to me and the slideshow capability looked fluid.
  • Clicking on the "community" button allowed me to see the other two Zunes nearby
  • Three plays... please!
  • I asked the "demo assistant" help me find new "artists" to "listen" to
  • Though I really enjoy the few moments today with the Zune, I secretly look forward to Apples "response."
Granted, I've made a few convenient changes, and with some of these you have to use your imagination. ;)

"It's like deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra