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Comment: Re:When the Stanley Cup finals are blacked out (Score 1) 303

by superslacker87 (#43678335) Attached to: How Netflix Eats the Internet

I live in Nebraska and follow the Bruins. During the regular season, if they are on NHLN or NBCSN, I usually just suck it up and don't watch unless I'm somewhere they're playing it in a restaurant. Right now, I'm listening to the games via Internet radio. Rest assured, if they get to the Finals, I'll be in a sports bar watching every game.

Comment: Re:Still not good enough for me. (Score 3, Interesting) 303

by superslacker87 (#43677955) Attached to: How Netflix Eats the Internet

I pay for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, NHL Center Ice, and per episode subscription for the few TV shows that I consider not worth waiting for to have the season released for "free" to the aforementioned services when they are not available on Hulu. I still save more doing it this way than I would spending money for over 1000 channels I have no desire to pay for or watch.

The Military

+ - Ask Slashdot: What to ask salary-wise after 9 year 2

Submitted by superslacker87
superslacker87 (998043) writes "I've been working as a network administrator for 9 years in the military, and have been on a fixed salary (2011 income $26k) for some time. From what I understand, that is considerably lower than even the entry-level salaries in the IT field. I will be exiting the military in a few months, and I am always regretting the dreaded "salary" question during interviews because honestly, I don't know. I'm always afraid of scaring potential employers away because I either ask for much less than I'm worth or worse, put myself way outside of the ballpark on the other end.

I have no certifications, but am working on Network+ and Security+, and will have my bachelor's degree in MIS within a year, as well as a secret security clearance. I'd say that my experience levels even without the certifications and degree that prove it would put me probably at mid-level administrator, but I really don't know what to say.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated."

Comment: Re:Just some of the stuff available (Score 1) 80

by superslacker87 (#35908866) Attached to: Army Develops Android-Based Framework For Battlefield Ops

This is true. The developer (a student in the 25A Functional Area 53 (IT) officer's course) is not an Army developer, but is working on apps to show they can be of use to the Army. I know that I've use the PT app on more than one occasion and have looked at the others. There is a small group of the students who do the programming. My guess is that the main owner of FA53 is a Lutheran and thus wanted that published. Probably should have used a different account, but I'm not worried about it.

Comment: My Cousin Posts Stuff Like This (Score 1) 669

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About her math teacher. I think that it is dumb for the very same reason that these kids got in trouble. But, in retrospect, I'm 31 and she is 13 and I certainly wouldn't have made the connection that saying my math teacher was stupid on the Internet would have major ramifications at that age either.

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