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Comment: Linux does not mix well with USB Drives (Score 1) 472

by supercell (#33999902) Attached to: The State of Linux IO Scheduling For the Desktop?
I tried using a USB hard drive to back up about 30 gigs of data from my CentOS 4.8 server. The IO wait on the system shot up to 80% and I had to kill the process since it brought the machine to a crawl and the other processes were taking forever to complete. Something as simple as copying a file to a USB drive should not cause the system to slow to a crawl and become no long functional.

Comment: I can't belive it... (Score 1) 799

by supercell (#32203152) Attached to: Gulf Gusher Worst Case Scenario
As a Earth Science major and having worked in the Geo-sciences arena for 20 years, I can say this article is so far off base, I can't believe it was elevated to being posted on Slashdot. There is no way possible for a Yellowstone type eruption. That is just straight up bullshit. Sure there is a significant amount of pressure, but not of volcanic proportions. This article should be redacted from the Slashdot site!

Comment: Not impressed... (Score 3, Interesting) 791

by supercell (#28847465) Attached to: Formerly Classified Global Warming Spy Photos Released
I thought I was going to see a significant movement in the ice sheets, on the order of 10's or 100's of miles. From what I saw, the rate of decline was statistically meaningless, measured in mere feet. My guess is the previous administration was more concerned with releasing something that would show or capabilities of our spy satellites and not trying to conceal this.

Comment: Atmospheric Denisity Problem (Score 1) 263

by supercell (#28344497) Attached to: Jet Stream Kites Could Power New York City
The atmospheric pressure at 30-40K feet is around 200 millibars, basically the air is only 20% as dense as it is at the surface (~1000 millibars). So the kinetic energy available in a 120 mph wind at 30K feet is only a small fraction of what that kind of wind is at the surface. Point being, a 100+ mph wind sounds impressive, but at that altitude the kinetic energy is much less than it is at the surface.

Comment: Not Likely to stay white (Score 1) 712

by supercell (#28115079) Attached to: Painting The World's Roofs White Could Slow Climate Change
It some cases this may make sense, but on large scale I see problems with it. I roof painted white, or with white shingles would, fairly quickly lose its high reflection [Albedo] as dirt/grim turns it from white to brown/black in just a couple of years. In addition, the solar insolation in areas north 40 degrees north, would have a much less of an affect.

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