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Comment Re:My mind is blown (Score 2) 185

This reddit comment seems to debunk the foundations of the paper. TL;DR copied below:

TL;DR The experiment has nothing to do with memory as most neuroscientists and psychologists understand it. However, it's much easier to make unsupported statements in a press release than in the peer-review process. The author of the article fell for the press release of a lab known for making outrageous statements.

Comment Re:SIP Videophones? (Score 1) 253

I think the ideal solution for the bandwidth would be a triggered system...something that flips on the webcam only when there are actually people in the room. Maybe takes a picture every now and then on standby.

That said...I can't think of anything that does that. Might be able to use an IR sensor and AutoHotKey to turn Skype on when you pass in through the doorway and off when you go out.

Comment Re:Community college, anyone? (Score 1) 272

Just a quick note; in my experience, courses from The Teaching Company don't really teach as much as actual college courses. Being enrolled in a university and watching or listening to TTC lectures on the side gives me a fair basis for comparison, I feel.

They might be equivalent to 100 or 200 level courses, but the lack of interactivity is a huge handicap to learning through TTC lectures.

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