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Comment That's nice (Score 1) 234

So what is the cost/student ratio at his school for the super rich? How is that going to be applied to a class with 30 kids in it where at least some of them don't want to be in school and won't be told to behave because otherwise Mommy or Daddies boss will find out and fire them. Why not just skip this partial utopia and jump right to the Star Trek universe of no money, no janitors, and everyone working a their perfect fulfilling job. I think this is a great deal, just completely unworkable in a realistic population.

Comment Why should science be any different? (Score 1) 444

Cities were better when they were smaller. The internet was better when the entire world wasn't on facebook and twitter. Slashdot was certainly better when they didnt care so much about traffic. Science was more accurate when it was a much smaller. Human nature is to spoil things when you get too many people involved. And it's not a linear. That said, the real question is whether more good science is being done even as the ratio goes down.

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