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Comment: Re:Still Wondering (Score 1) 318

by sumo61 (#9622882) Attached to: Professor Creates His Own Cisco Manual
I am a 1st year professor. What most of us are missing, and which is very crucial, is the 'system' on the academic side. Professors are required at most schools to get published...not only to gain tenure, but to keep their jobs. The committees which review us give NO CREDIT for self-publication because it is not 'peer-reviewed' (approved, reviewed, and accepted by other 'experts' in the field). The mainstream publishing houses provide this peer review via other professors (we get credit for reviews also). Publishers know all this and exploit not only the students, but the authors as well (all of my mentors tell me there is no money in text publishing for the author...but we have to do it anyway). So, since I have to create content for my classes anyway, and I have to get published to keep my job, why not meld all the class materials into a text and knock out 2 birds w/ one stone? Speaking for myself, I would love to leave behind the antiquated status-quo.

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