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Comment: David Brin - The Giving Plague (Score 1) 478

by sukotto (#30683674) Attached to: 8% of Your DNA Comes From a Virus

David Brin's short story "The Giving Plague" (from the 1994 collection "Otherness") uses this idea as a central concept.
The idea was that, over LONG periods of time, viruses form symbiotic relationships with humans. In some cases, even integrating themselves directly into our DNA.

I love it when science fiction writers guess correctly about the future. (Though I hope that's the ONLY part of that story he got right... the rest was double plus ungood)

Comment: Just say NO (Score 5, Insightful) 457

by sukotto (#30626836) Attached to: Canada's Airlines Face a Privacy Dilemma

Speaking as a Canadian...I think we should tell those paranoid xenophobes to go fuck themselves.

Jean Chrétien had a lot of flaws, but at least he had the balls to tell the Americans to stop pushing us around.

If they are concerned about passenger security then they can damn well set up more of those "you're guilty until proven innocent" security-theatre checkpoints on their own soil and search people getting off the plane. Hell, they can even build special security airports at the borders to inspect people's shoes and water bottles.

(Sad to think that would probably be a better use of their funding than most of the stupid crap they've wasted their money on in the last 9 years)

Go ahead and mod me down American nationalist zealots ... I have karma to burn and I'm tired of putting up with America's bullshit.


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