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...never been a shortage of science or engineering staff in the United States. The only shortage is science/engineering staff that refuses to work for peanuts, and that is the only reason why there are so many H1B visas. People with 60,000 worth of student loans don't want to work for $20/hr it's ridiculous to even expect them to.

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I can tell you this much for certain: I have a little cousin who is not very good at soccer, but he still gets a trophy for every tournament that his team plays in: win or lose. It gives him a false sense of pride and self esteem. If you were to ask him on any day of the week what he wants to be when he grows up he would tell you that he wants to be a pro soccer player. In reality since his team has never won a game, largely due to the fact that his skills as a goal keeper are not good, his possibilities of being a pro soccer player are almost zero, but due to the "No Losers" policy of kids teams these days he still feels like he has a shot. That is where I draw my conclusions from. It may be good for a child's self esteem while they are a child, but unfortunately in the real world those kids are going to end up frying chicken at KFC because their plans as a pro sports player never panned out due to the fact that they have been taught that everyone wins even if they lose!

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Really the "winningest" huh? You mean they are the country that has won the most medals? I'm sorry that is Russia with the top medal tally. They had the most medals in 1956,1960,1964,1972,1976,1980,and 1994. Where as Norway is actually second but most were won a long time ago: 1924, 1928, 1936, 1952, 1968, and 2002 being the newest first place win. So no not the "winningest" in a long time, better than the US in the Winter Olympics yes, but of course Russia kicks every countries ass because they live in the cold all the time, and this year they have home advantage. Oh and my information comes from here:

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If I had any children, which I don't, I would never allow them to go to public school. Politically correctness has ruined our society, and will continue to ruin it until this country is no more. What kind of non-sense is this "No Losers" bologna that they are teaching children these days? If one loses a game, he or she loses, and if one wins then he or she wins. There is no grey area, and those are the facts! This bull shit that everyone gets a trophy whether they win or lose is just that bull shit! When I was a kid when we lost we tried harder so we could get a trophy next time, and then when we finally won the trophy we were proud. These days they are teaching kids that no matter what they win, and life is always fair in their little psychotic delusion of a world! $&%$ politically correctness and the democratic ass that it rode in on!

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I RTN the device back to factory defaults, then re-install whatever version of android is the latest rooted image, and drop the phone into the local phone donations box. Since I change my phone pretty often someone will get a pretty nice phone. My Galaxy S3 I donated when I switched to the Galaxy S4 had been in an Otterbox it's whole life and was for all inventive purposes was brand new as will be my GS4 when I switch to whatever they finally come out with that is better, not bigger, but better. So far all they are coming out with is bigger screens, but nothing with better features. Of course the Galaxy S4 has such a rich feature set it is going to be hard to top.

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My thoughts exactly! It is actually sad how cost of living has been skyrocketing while cost of living wage increases are almost not happening. My father just retired this year making almost as much as me, and he was only a high school graduate. I have two degrees in science and engineering, and the difference between my dad and I is that his company gave him reasonable cost of living increases throughout his whole career where my company gives it's employees barely any. I got a semi-reasonable increase this year, but that is only because I got exceeds expectations in 8 out of 10 categories on my year end review. If not for that I am sure I would have gotten a 2.5% increase with the rest of the employees. It is sad, but the problem is really created by the governments lack of a budget, and can not totally be blamed on corporate greed. That along with the fact that capitalism doesn't work in a global economy when competing with countries that basically allow slave labor. Most people don't realize that the whole reason Abe Lincoln opposed slave labor wasn't that he was sympathetic with the slaves. No, he opposed it because non slave owners would not be able to compete with slave owners. The same way that America can not compete with countries like China, because their workers are working for almost nothing. We used to do a decent job of competing when our products were made with quality, but once the quality went away no one wants to pay double the price for the same crappy product.

So, of course less people are going to be flying planes who the hell can afford one? Not me. My Grandpa had one, a 1970 Cessna 172, but I'll probably never be able to afford one. He was also an engineer for Mcdonnell Douglas before they merged with Boeing.

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If anyone is in for a slashcott I propose that we create our own site using the open source slash code, and make it just like the classic slashdot look. I already purchased the domain name kind of fitting I think. Then once dice tanks slashdot by forcing the beta on us we will have somewhere to go.

What do you guys think, anyone with me?

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I'm with you! We should just get the code from slash-code and create a new site for those of us who do not desire a redesign. Dice obviously doesn't care what Slashdot's long standing members think, and this site is going to tank once the classic look goes away. The funniest part to me is that we are telling them that we are going to stop frequenting the site once classic goes away, and they are ignoring it like they think they are the bee's knees and we have to stay or we won't have another forum to go to. Oh yeah, by the way I have reserved the domain name if anyone is interested in joining me in bringing the classic Slashdot back to life, and biting your thumb at Dice at the same time once they do away with the classic look. Just message me and we will get the ball rolling! WAKE UP DICE! A forum without users is not really a forum.

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