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Comment Re:They want us to make it easier for them? (Score 5, Insightful) 148

Someone mod this up. This is totally correct! Until my work started making us change our password once every 60 days, and required that the last five passwords can't be reused, I had a very secure password memorized. Now that they implemented these "security" protocols I have to have a list to keep track of what five passwords were used last, and what the current password is. It's the most retarded requirement ever!

Comment I use Caps Lock all the time... (Score 1) 698

...Whenever I am programming it is very useful when creating Constant variables as the naming convention for such variables is all caps. I wonder if any surveys of key presses takes into account that caps lock, once pressed, is in use until it's pressed again. Therefore all keys pressed after Caps Lock is pressed, until it's pressed again, should also be counted in usage statistics (imho).

Comment sheer stupidity (Score 0) 629

I am so glad that I grew up in the real world, and not this pansy ass, liberal, bullshit place that the world has now turned into. When I was a kid if you did something like this you got a slap on the wrist, and two days detention! You sure in the hell didn't get arrested, and charged with felony hacking! Man it must suck to be a kid these days!!!!!

Comment Re:People Are Such Babies (Score 1) 218

You and everyone else are missing the point here. As far as Michael Brown was concerned he was a thug participating in a thug lifestyle. Regardless of whether or not he was near said store, what he stole, or what he did he was leading a lifestyle that eventually would end with him in jail or shot. It just happened sooner than later. I am not saying whether or not what happened was justified at the time, but eventually what happened was going to happen. When you play thug games your life will end as all thug lives do, in jail or dead! In my opinion both parties were guilty here. The cop for unnecessary use of force, but if kids had manners and discipline these days Michael Brown might not have smarted off to the police officer to begin with which is what started the confrontation. One of my favorite quotes from Forest Gump fits here: "Stupid is as stupid does." One can't expect to live a lifestyle like this and not have any repercussions.

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